Brand New Releases First Song in Six Years: What does It “Mene”?


If you were interested enough to open up this article, chances are you are an old emo-punk soul like myself. We grew up listening to Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and for many of us when those two bands started to veer off in different directions, we chose one to follow, and that inevitably went on to shape our current musical tastes. If you stuck with Brand New, then you’re no stranger to their progression. Starting off as an upbeat, high-energy post-punk band and evolving into a more emo, dramatized version of their former selves, their discography is diverse to say the least. One thing I love about the band is that every album has its own sound, its own style, and its own energy.

Since the release of their last album, Daisy, in 2009, Brand New has remained completely silent as far as production goes. The band has been subtle and deliberate in various interviews about their intentions on creating new music, but they have yet to put forth any tangible signs of recording. Furthermore, they’ve been touring and playing live sets all over, but we have yet to see any signs of a new album in the midst of production—until now.

Brand New surprised fans at this year’s Coachella a couple of weeks ago with their new song “Mene (We Don’t Feel Anything)”. An explosive, energetic, and chaotic song, the track is very reminiscent of something you might expect off of a lovechild of Deja Entendu and The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. The song has a bit of a feel that hints at an ode to their teenage emo-inspired punk years, while still conveying a sense of growth and (slight) maturity.

We are left asking ourselves, now what?? What’s next for Brand New? Is this the sign of a new album coming out, possibly before the close of this year? There have been no officially declarations of a new album, but it is not reckless to believe that this single is a fairly good indicator of such an endeavor. At various concert in the recent weeks, Brand New has been reported to have been handing out lyric booklets to “Mene” and one other new song, “Sealed to Me.” A reddit forum devoted to the investigation of this case suggests that the potential new album might be named Know God’s Just Work, however this has yet to be confirmed by a completely reliable source (ie. The band themselves).

All things considered, this is a happy time for Brand New fans. After a long six years of listening through their slightly outdated discography, it seems that the time has come for a new phase for Brand New.

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