Bucknell Event Preview: Mary Halverson Trio


Bucknell continues its Jazz series this Wednesday, February 4th in Bucknell Hall with a renowned trio: Thumbscrew. Otherwise known as the Mary Halvorson Trio, the group is composed of guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist Michael Formanek, and drummer Tomas Fujiwara. Each has had profound experience playing and recording an array of music, and has spent much time playing in groups. This experience is evident on their most recent album, which showcases their ability to play both individually and as one cohesive trio.

The band’s formation was pretty much by happenstance, as they picked up their third member, Michael Formanek, after he had subbed in a band with Mary and Tomas. They write music that has a sort of composed madness to it, one song often heading in several unexpected directions. At first listen I found it almost difficult to follow: the rhythm of the guitar and drums seemed a little off, it kind of felt like everyone was playing their own different song. However, once I embraced this idea (appreciating each instrument on its own and also the composition as a whole) I found the music to be very natural and emotional.


The trio will be playing at Bucknell Hall starting at 7:30, and the concert is free and open to the public as per usual. If you’re at all into jazz or hearing very original, quirky pieces, you will definitely be impressed by their performance and won’t want to miss it.

[Image sourced from www.cuneiformrecords.com]