Bucknell Lifestyle: 7th Street Music


One of the only places on campus to hear a non a cappella performance by students is at the 7th Street Café, usually on Friday nights.  When on campus bands and student performers want to play in a concert-friendly venue, 7th Street Café is the place they head to.  In this small, cozy, and brightly lit room, students plug into their amps and the like in the corner of the room, ready to play for those coming in to get a drink at night. While 7th Street may not be the best place to go for particularly loud performances, it is a great place to go to hear bands that are usually singing nice acoustic jams.   And if the music isn’t too loud, rest assured that on a popular night, it is the crowd of students that pack into this small dwelling that make the place shake.

urlOne thing to take away from the student congregations here during a Friday night performance is the respect that the audience gives to the performers.  While it may be very loud between songs as friends are shouting at each other just to hear themselves, during the songs people quiet up and listen.  Yes, they have all come to watch their specific friends perform, but there is evidence that this Bucknell crowd really does enjoy the music.  The hush-hush attitude that is thrown around the room when the singer starts is remarkably similar to the kind of behavior that we see in classes all week, as the students anticipate the coming lecture.

All in all, if you don’t know what to do on a Friday night and you enjoy live music, consider walking over to 7th Street to see what's going on.