Bucknell Orchestra Mid-Winter Concert


Get out of the cold and clear your calendars for this Saturday night (2/15), at 7:30 pm for the Bucknell Orchestra’s Mid-Winter Concert! The concert will be held in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts. The concert will open up with Aram Khachaturian’s “Masquerade Suite.” Originally written for a play titled Masquerade in 1941, Khachaturian compiled five of the movements from the play’s version to create the suite. The song starts off with a slow and progressive waltz, and then moves on to a more somber nocturne. It then picks back up a mazurka—a Polish-style folk dance—moves on to a softer, more tender romance, and finishes off with a dance-worthy galop. It is definitely a great way to open up the show!




After Khachaturian, the Orchestra will move on to the overture—including selected arias (accompanied solos)—from Wolfgang Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute.” The opera is a famous German “singspiel” which incorporates an eclectic mix of both singing and dialogue. The selected arias will be performed by student soloists from Bucknell’s Opera Company. The overture will contain some of the major musical themes that can be found throughout the full version of the opera—what’s not to love about getting a dose of the best of the best?




The Mid-Winter concert will close with a piece from Franz von Suppé’s operetta “Pique Dame.” The operetta is actually a revision of an earlier, unsuccessful version of a similar subject by Suppé. Although the operetta itself does not get much play-time, the overture is known and well-regarded as a popular piece to record or play in concert. Actually, to throw a random interesting fact your way, the “Pique Dame’s” overture happened to be one of the most popular pieces to be consistently played preceding silent film screenings that were huge at the start of the twentieth century. Now if that’s not a cool little piece of history, then I really am not sure how to impress you!


[Image source: Wikipedia.com]

If those three pieces don’t excite you enough, knowing that the concert will be conducted by super-talented musician and Bucknell Associate Professor of Music, Christopher Para, should get you going. Professor Para is not only a well-esteemed member of Bucknell’s faculty, but is also a highly regarded performer and conductor throughout the United States and Europe.


[Image source: Bucknell.edu]

All in all, the Bucknell Orchestra Mid-Winter Concert is sure to be an incredible performance. So listen to President Bravman and get out of the cold weather and into the Weis Center on Saturday night and witness your very own Bucknellians throw down for what is sure to be an amazing night! And if I can’t convince you, take a word from Bucknell Orchestra’s very own, Miles Silva ’16: “This concert is sure to be one of the most exciting concerts that I have participated in. The repertoire is difficult, but playable. The orchestra has prepared for this concert well under the guidance of Professor Para. It’s a great mixture of music from the popular Mozart Overture, to the Masquerade Suite, which was probably one of the most fun pieces that I have played during my career as a musician.”