Bucknell Spotlight: Jon Leung '17


I met this freshman singer/songwriter at a community Block Party at the firehouse over House Party weekend. Not only is this kid nice enough to give up some partying to volunteer, but he also happens to be super talented. In addition to performing solo, he's a member of Two Past Midnight and currently looking  for more opportunities to perform on campus.  

When did you start making music?

For as long as I remember, I would sing for fun at home.  When I entered the fourth grade, I started playing the saxophone and continued in jazz and concert bands all throughout school.  I bought a guitar from a friend of mine the summer after my freshman year of high school and taught myself how to play some songs. It eventually progressed into singing and playing at the same time. By my junior year, I played in open mic nights at school with two friends of mine.

Do you write your own music?

I have written two songs, both on guitar.  As for continuing to write, I want to branch out and try something new. Perhaps, write something a cappella or for a whole band as opposed to just voice and guitar.  I don't want to be stuck with just a certain instrumentation. Hopefully this summer I'll have more time to sit down and try to write.

#epic photo

What is your favorite genre to write or cover?

This is such a tough question! To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. For me, I want to cover a song if I find it catchy and/or I think it suits my voice.  Stripped down versions of pop songs can be lots of fun, especially if you can mix them with other songs.  And of course, everyone loves covers of Disney songs.

Who would you say has influenced your music style the most?

Artists that I listen to regularly include John Mayer, Gabe Bondoc, Green or Blue, Andy Grammer, Walk the Moon, and The Reign of Kindo. In terms of style, I would say Andy Grammer and Gabe Bondoc are the largest influences. Both of them make a fair amount of music with just themselves and a guitar. The way they're able to write clever lyrics with fun melodies is something I shoot for in terms of my sound.

I know you're only a freshman, but have you had the opportunity to play campus?

I played at 7th street once in the fall semester with my friend, Eric Gowat. We also had the opportunity to play at #epic which was a great experience. It was definitely the largest audience we have played for together. Aside from these, I've performed with Two Past Midnight which is always a blast! (Shameless plug) Our concert is April 27th, at 2pm in Trout Auditorium. Be sure to check it out!

What kind of gigs have you done in the past?

When I performed with my high school jazz band, we had the opportunity to go out and play for various community events. We even opened for the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Airmen of Note! Participating in that group really helped me gain confidence and learn how to conduct myself when I'm performing. Celebrate the Susquehanna is the only 'gig' I can say that I have done on my own. I'm looking for more opportunities to go out and play music for others. It is a lot of fun, and I like to think I can bring a smile to people's faces when I perform :)

Christy's A Cappella Concert

What else are you into? Are you involved in any groups on campus?

Aside from music, I love to play and watch basketball. It's a great stress relief and always a good time. I am also involved with Two Past Midnight, SAAB (Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell) and the Languages and Culture Res College.

What do you think is the best and worst part about the music scene here at Bucknell?

The best part of Bucknell's music scene is that there is so much talent here. Plenty of people love to make music, and they're all great at it. However, the downside seems to be that there aren't too many opportunities to showcase these talents. I went to Campus Vinyl's Winter Jam which was tons of fun with great music. I just wish there were more events like that.