Bucknell Spotlight: The Wingmen


The Wingmen, an alternative/classic rock quintet, is Bucknell’s oldest campus band – though most of their lineup consists of sophomores. The Wingmen have been around for the last five years, with members coming in and out and lineups varying.

Andy Hritz, a fifth year student and the band’s keyboardist, is the sole original member remaining. Filling out the rest of the lineup are vocalist Quinn Blanco ’15, Cole McCollum ’17 on guitar & bass, Nathan Wagner ’17 also on guitar & bass, and Aaron Messersmith ’17 on drums.

The Wingmen focus on classic and alternative rock from the 60’s all the way through contemporary tunes, also playing some original songs. They’re unique mix of covers shows their range of skills and interests and include popular jams like “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand, “Moby Dick” by Led Zeppelin, and more obscure songs like “We Used To Know” by Spirit and “Karma Police” by Radiohead.

I spoke with Aaron to learn more about how they choose their set list:

“We practice for three hours a week, and we play just for fun as a way to kick back at the end of the week…we try to think of both what we want to play and what everyone wants to hear.”

Want to see the Wingmen live? Check them out at Uptown’s Pub Night this Saturday, Febrary 28th, at the Bison Bruiser in April, and at future Campus Vinyl events!