Bucknell's Gamelan Ensemble Concert This Thursday

On Thursday, April 25th, Bucknell's Gamelan Ensemble will present its annual Spring Concert in the Weis Center Courtyard. If weather permits, the concert will be held outside at 6pm and is free and open to the public. Otherwise, it will be held in the Rooke Recital Hall where the ensemble normally performs. The concert will feature both the Balinese Gamelan ensemble and a Javanese ensemble created by students from Dr. Bethany Collier's 255 class, The Silk Road and Beyond, which explores Asian music through study and performance. Dr. Collier is particularly excited for this concert because of the visual and aural contrasts of the two types of gamelan. The islands Bali and Java are located next to each other, so it will certainly be interesting to watch the two ensembles one after the other.

The Bucknell Gamelan ensemble is an ensemble comprised of students of all majors, not just music majors, who share the interest in Indonesian music. Most students do not have any previous experience with gamelan, so playing techniques are all taught by Dr. Collier. The ensemble plays a range of styles and repetoires including pieces for Balinese angklung, Balinese gender wayang, Javanese soran-style pieces, adapted works, and new pieces for gamelan. The music is all taught without written notation, so no formal musical training is required. Perhaps after seeing this concert, you will want to join the ensemble next semester!