Camping (And Other Outdoor Activities) Playlist


Last week for spring break, I went camping in the magnificent cliffs of Northern California. While there, I unplugged from all devices – Spotify, IPod, and Soundcloud included. As someone who sees headphones as another limb, this hiatus was troublesome. Yet the silence was also revealing – because it was not silent at all. Sound was everywhere.

What I found in the space that music notes usually fill was nature’s own soundtrack, a soundtrack nearly impossible to rival. The hiccups of toads, crashing waves, and shivering trees all stood in for the acoustic plucking or reverberating bass that usually fills the blanks.

Yet, while I appreciated the pure perspective that time away from constant stimulation gave me, the aesthete in me still refuses to forego the equally charmed melodies I have come to adore.

In order to bring those feelings of freedom, that only immersion in nature can bring, without giving up my playlists or album collection, I have compiled a list of songs with smooth harmonies, dream-like melodies, and drifting acoustics, that fits seamlessly into nature’s serene refrain.

Image source: Emily Malmquist