Campus Climate Report: April


The Campus Climate Report is back by popular demand!  I went around Bucknell's campus over the last week and asked anyone I saw that was wearing headphones what they were listening to.  Whether you were walking to class, studying in the library, or hanging out in the Bison, you all had ultra unique things that you were listening to.  So check out this playlist and look out for the next Campus Climate Report.


Tom Bonan '17, welcoming Spring with some surf instrumentals.  This is like Jaws mixed with The Twilight Zone and I’m so into it.  I would NEVER have discovered this song let alone this genre without your initiative.  So, I thank you, Mr. Bonan, for your discovery.


I could totally get used to this.  Initially, I was unsure of how to react, but then I let myself get into it and now I’m sitting here imagining myself on a mountain top in the morning, gazing out above the clouds and surrounded by Buddhist monks.  This is actually awesome and unorthodox and I love it!  I can see how you were doing homework to this, and I thank you, Stephen Parrish '14, for letting me interrupt your study/meditation/introspection time.


This is such a great song.  As far as I’m concerned, it will NEVER go out of style—David Bowie was a total weirdo before Ke$ha, and Bowie did it better.  I will never get tired of saying “ground control to Major Tom”…ever. Thanks, anonymous senior!


SO GOOD.  Actually SO GOOD.  This kicks ass!  This is a solo-dancing-around-your-room song definitely a song and that I could walk around campus listening to, or even hear out on a Saturday night.  Super versatile and catchy and, I would say, even better than the originalGreat choice, anonymous sophomore.


I really really really severely dig this.  Definitely being-starred-on-my-Spotify kind of dig this.  It’s so very chill and smooth.  The xylophone beat in the beginning is such a sick intro to an equally great song.  PARTYNEXTDOOR’s vocals are so smooth and easy to listen to; complemented by Drake’s traditional R&B style, this song is a complete success. Well done, anonymous.


This is adorable, so perfect for a spring afternoon and homework on the quad.  I want nothing more than to be laying in the grass with the sun shining and this song playing! Great pick, freshman!


Love this! Snaps to you, Alex Katz '17.  Everybody could use some Saturday morning Ringo. I had never heard this song before you introduced me, and for that, I thank you!

Thanks again to everyone who let me interrupt their study sesh or walk to class to ask what they were listening to!  Happy Spring!

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