Campus Climate Report: September


Hide your headphones-- it’s the Campus Climate Report for this past month!  If you were walking around Bucknell at any point this week listening to music, I probably asked you what you were listening to; thanks for being awesome Bucknellians and being so excited to tell me! Here are a few of the responses I got when I asked, “excuse me, would you mind telling me what you’re listening to?”  Enjoy!

“Up Down”- T Pain


Definitely a catchy tune!  I personally don’t have this on my iPod, but hey, to each his own--right?  I can imagine that this is a pretty good song to work out to maybe I’ll have to add it to the Spring Running Playlist You Didn’t Know You Needed!




This is not really what I usually listen to, but I can see why you like it!  I see this as a good ambient-noise, not-going-to-distract-you study song.  Deadmau5 is definitely making a comeback, I even heard that he might be going on tour soon; look out for an article on CV soon for confirmation!


“I’m Not The Only One”- Sam Smith


Sam. Smith. Is. So. Good.  I do not think I could say enough good things to do him or this song justice.  My favorite part is at 3:00.  Oh man, it’s just so good.


“If I Had A Tail”- Queens of the Stone Age


This is so funky and edgy that I cannot even handle it.  It’s like a trendy, darker David Bowie and I totally dig it.  Apparently, Queens of the Stone Age is uber well known and I feel like less of a music-fan for not knowing them!!  Totally into this!


“Octahate”- Ryn Weaver


Holy moly.  This is AWESOME.  I’m obsessed, absolutely obsessed.  I will definitely be listening to this a whole lot more after this piece.  I do not know what else to do but thank you for introducing me and the Bucknell community to this song.


“Dirty Vegas”- Days Go By


This song was on NOW That’s What I Call Music! 11.  I actually remember listening to this on my purple boombox.  Props to you for staying true to your original music taste.  Ah...the glory days.


“Chet Faker”- Let It Go


My last Song of the Month was a Chet Faker diddy!  He has such an interesting tone, it always keeps me coming back.  I had never heard this song before you told me that you were listening to it; I’m so glad that you did!


“Sunday Kind of Love” – Jersey Boys


I’m into this.  Super into this.  How could someone ever not love this?!  I’m sitting here at my desk snapping along with them!  What a well done tribute.


She Looks To Me” - Red Hot Chile Peppers


The Red Hot Chile Peppers have ALWAYS been a group that I wished I was more familiar with; I’m the kind of person who mostly sticks to “Can’t Stop”, “Californication”, and “Scar Tissue”.  But anytime I’m introduced to a song I did not know before, I’m always blown away, this song is no exception!


“The City” - The 1975


This song is gold!  I have a weakness for The 1975...The accents, the harmonies, the guitar riffs, ahhh.  The City has all of those things plus some really beautiful lyrics.  These boys really know how to put together an amazing song.


This has been your September Campus Climate Report, Bucknell.  Thanks for reading and listening and look out for the next Bucknell Campus Climate Report to see what your fellow Bucknellians are rocking out to!


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