Campus Theatre Welcomes Traditional Inuit Vocalist


While the snowy winter weather continues in Lewisburg, the Campus Theatre is offering a glimpse into an even colder climate with the traditional music of Arctic Canada.  Tanya Tagaq, an Inuit throat singer, will provide accompaniment to the silent film Nanook from the North on Wednesday, January 28th at 7:30 PM.   The event is free and open to Bucknell students, making it easy to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Assuming that most Bucknell students, including myself, have no idea what exactly Inuit music sounds like, I naturally turned to YouTube to figure out what to expect from Tanya Tagaq.  She performs a vocal style known as throat singing, which once again I had never heard of before researching this upcoming concert. As a two-time Juno Awards (Canadian Music Awards) nominee, Tanya’s expert explanation will help to prepare you for next week’s event.

In addition to Tanya’s traditional music, her fourth studio album, Animism, was released this week in the US.  Her original music has been described as electronic by genre and has received critical acclaim throughout Canada.  Her performance at Bucknell is one of many performances on her US tour that features stops at several universities.

Tanya Tagaq will be performing live with an ensemble consisting of percussionist Jean Martin and violinist Jesse Zubot throughout the duration of the film.  Although this will not be the typical Bucknell music event, it will be an interesting example of the diverse accomplishments and styles of the world music genre and the valuable role that music plays in accompanying film.