Campus Vinyl BucknellU Announces: All-Access Summer Series!


It’s almost mid-June and the summer festivals have already begun! You better believe that we at Campus Vinyl BucknellU have been keeping busy trying to bring you all of the latest and greatest summer concert reviews and stories. That being said, we’ve decided to give each of you all-access passes to the summer musical mayhem. It’s hard to know which summer festivals you should spend your hard earned money on and which you shouldn’t. We feel you. If money grew on trees, you wouldn’t have to choose! That’s why we are bringing you the All-Access Summer Series.

Being the crazed music enthusiasts that we are, most of our team will be hitting up festivals across the entire country this summer. We’ll be seeing many different festivals from many different points of view. What does this mean for you, our loyal readers? It means that we’ll give you “all-access” passes to these festivals so that you can decide whether or not you want to get yourself tickets next summer.

This is what you can expect from these fabulous all-access passes:

                ·      Coverage of the musical acts (especially the headliners)

                ·      Extra activity overviews (aka what else there is to do)

                ·      Food options and quality

                ·      Overall atmosphere and experience

As mentioned before, though our team will be experiencing these festivals from different points of views, you’ll be getting fan perspectives, volunteer experiences, and even VIP insights. Our very own Connor Small is interning for CID Entertainment this summer and will be sharing his behind-the-scenes, VIP experiences. What festivals do you have to look forward to, exactly? Well, here are just a few we’ve already seen/will be seeing soon!

                ·      Boston Calling

                ·      Governors Ball

                ·      Bonnaroo

                ·      Firefly

                ·      And more to come!

Whether you’re looking to buy tickets next summer or are just interested in what a VIP festival experience is like, check in with us throughout the summer as we roll out the articles for the All-Access Summer Series! Also, if you hit up a festival this summer and would like to share your specific experience, feel free to contact us at so we can get your article underway!

Enjoy your summer and remember, we’ll keep the beat going as long as you do too!

All-Access Summer Series Poster