Campus Vinyl's April Playlist


We know, we know, our monthly playlists have been MIA for a bit. But they’re back this month and better than ever. Get ready for spring CV style, with these warm weather jams. Jason Hammett is reminiscing with "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap.

This song has a special place in my heart. I went on the BACES spring break service trip to the Dominican Republic and this was our song. We listened to it doing construction, cleaning, and getting pumped up.

Avid has “On the Regular” by Shamir on repeat.

The lyrics of this song alone are enough to make me listen to it over and over again. Pair them with an exhilarating beat, a sick music video, and a likable artist, and you have me absolutely in love.

Tom is loving "Oldie" (and its very fitting music video) by Odd Future.

This music video is a perfect representation of what OF is about -- they randomly decided to start taping at a photo shoot for the group and everyone (except for Frank Ocean, who seems to be enjoying his Starbucks off to the side) gets really into it.

Louise is swooning over “Instant Need” by FKJ.

After listening to this smooth combination of funky lyrics and sexy beat, I’m begging FKJ to “hooold me darlin.” How can you not melt after that piano intro!

Morgan K. can’t stop listening to X Ambassadors’ new song “Renegades.”

I have been a faithful X Ambassadors fan since I first heard Inconsolable early last year: literally following them on every form of music networking and social media platform possible.  So when they released Renegades early this month, a notification popped up on my Spotify and, naturally, I immediately started listening to it and, truthfully, haven't stopped.  Renegades starts off with an acoustic then picks up with a bob-your-head-but-still-feel-cool-because-it's-a-totally-dope-track kind of beat and maintains that momentum pushing forward.  A perfect soundtrack to your final few weeks before being released into the paradise of summer.  I hesitate to make comparisons, but this really feels like something Imagine Dragons would come out with.  I have a funny feeling that X Ambassadors is gearing up to drop an album, so definitely keep your ears open for that!  Until then, be sure to check out their existing tracks.  So far, none of their songs have gone sour for me and I really value that kind of durability--I hope you have the same experience.  So put your hat on backwards, hit play, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

Morgan B. is in a tropical mood, listening to the Kygo remix of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s “Shine.”

As the sun slowly starts to reveal itself, and we start putting away our heavy winter jackets we definitely need some catchy tunes. Kygo's remix of shine has a lightly tropical, upbeat feel to it and definitely gets you feelin happy that its spring. Enjoy!

Shira is feeling seasonally confused and loving it with Lupe Fiasco’s “Daydream’” (feat. Jill Scott.

An oldie but certainly a goodie, Lupe's "Daydreamin'" colorfully blends poetry, blues, and hip-hop. This tune perfectly illustrates the season as the quad is becoming green again, although snow showers continue to occur sporadically. However, Lupe's soothing voice is sure to leave you feeling optimistic about the imminent Spring.

Adam is singing along to Drake’s “Know Yourself.”

This is arguably the best song off of If You're Reading This It's Too Late. The hook, "I've been riding through the six with my woes!" is extremely catchy, and the switch up of the beat in the middle of the song is pure musical genius. It's crazy to think that Drake calls this kind of quality of content a mixtape; it makes me even more excited for when his actual album finally drops.

Laura is chilling to “Dímelo” by Snakehips x Tory Lanez.

This song is chill as hell. It's a bit like old-school Drake and perfect for the upcoming sunshine. Throw it on when hanging with some friends, grab some drinks, and start vibing. :)

Caroline can’t stop listening to “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell.

I can't stop listening to this one. Its so catchy. As is there other stuff. Definitely go check them out!!

Zac love Madeon’s classic sound in “Nonsense (ft. Mark Foster).” Madeon recently released his next album for streaming, and this has been one of my favorites off the album.  It's got that classic Madeon groove with almost a little bit of a Porter Robinson vibe to it.  Mark Foster is also a perfect match for the vocals.  Madeon is definitely heading in a positive direction!

Justin’s wait has been worthwhile for Dance Gavin Dance’s “We Own the Night.”

Dance Gavin Dance has been slowly releasing singles off their upcoming album, Instant Gratification, set to release on April 14th. I have been waiting patiently with baited breath for this album, and their most recently released single, "We Own the Night," should be a valid indicator as to why. The track is so catchy and has that DGD postcore funk that just gives them such a cool, unique sound."

Ian is listening to the catchy “Everlasting” by the band Polock.

The song is on my mind because I just wrote a spotlight about the band. Check it out! Also, "Everlasting" gives a good idea of the bands influences (The Strokes and Phoenix, especially), as well as what they do differently. Very catchy...

Staci is preparing for spring with Sublime’s “Waiting for my Ruca.”

Sublime is always the choice for those warmer days. They may not be here yet, but I’m hopeful that with this song on repeat, the flowers will be here any time.

Nick is enjoying the interesting sound of Animal Collective’s “My Girls.”

This song is the optimal mix between straight up weird and enjoyable. One of my friends back home was trying to get me into this band for a while and he's finally succeeded. Give it a listen and who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it. Shout out to ENuble.