Campus Vinyl IRL 2016: How DopeLeague Lit Up Bucknell


Last Friday night at Uptown, Campus Vinyl joined with several other student organizations to host an event starring DopeLeague, a hip-hope collective from Brooklyn, New York. Although these events typically don’t get the traction or attention they deserve, I have to say, Friday night was lit. With tables cleared out and mood lighting set, Uptown’s walls were covered with photography from BE Magazine’s previous and upcoming issues. Food provided by Spoon University was offered throughout the duration of the event, and for those over 21 years of age, there was an irresistible offer of 3 free drinks. Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.47.20 PM

The night began promptly at 8 PM with student-DJ Elias Strizower opening the show. His set consisted of several remixes of crowd favorites such as “All My Friends” by Snakehips, Tinashe, and Chance the Rapper and “Perdoname” by Deorro. He dropped plenty of dance tracks but also mixed in some hip-hop and trap a la Yellow Claw, very much in tune with the direction of the night. By 9:30 PM, the crowd had grown substantially and the headliners for the night made their way to the stage. Although one member performed at a time, the entire squad filled the stage, it was almost like one giant party. Some recorded their co-members, while others danced and fooled around, and it was clear that they were all there to have a good time. The first to hit the stage was Flamm, or Anthony Flammia, who sang and spoke seamlessly against homemade beats. One standout track was “H20” which demonstrated lightly auto-tuned vocals and a slow-moving beat that led the crowd into a smooth groove. You can check out the song on Flamm’s SoundCloud.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.47.36 PM

Up next was Noah Bility, who performed raps and verses against beats reminiscent of 90’s New York hip-hop. His tracks give off vibes that evoke greats like Jay Electronica, Jay Z, and J. Cole. They feature piano solos and slow grooves that instantly bring hoopties bouncing in the streets Bed-Stuy circa 1994 to mind. The next to perform was Mr. Dom O Briggs, who brought some very EDM meets hip-hop feels to the show. He brought some major party vibes to the show, moving and dancing all over the stage while the crowd naturally bounced along. Then, he brought it back with a cover of Lauryn Hill’s classic song, “Doo Wop (That Thing).” For this, the audience went crazy – I mean, is there anyone who doesn't love Lauryn Hill? Following O Briggs was Joey Manifesto, who came through with air-tight verses over quite jazzy beats. I may even go so far to say that he sounds like a young Biggie Smalls – his verses are characterized by a steady flow and vocal softness that conceals the lyrical harshness. You can see what I mean here.

Next up was Fresh Daily, who sounded straight Brooklyn. He gave off major cinema-vibes, each verse and track coming off as a soundtrack for your day – chill and breezy. Finally, by the time it was 11 PM, it was time for the main act Divine ScienZe to perform. Quite honestly, by this time the crowd had diminished significantly (in true Bucknell manner). This did not, however, detract from DopeLeague or its headliner’s energy. Divine ScienZe’s performance had a melodious, velvety quality to it. The homies that remained in the crowed swayed back and forth, enjoying the undoubtedly New York lyrics and interminable rhythm.

Events like this represent what student organizations can achieve – Campus Vinyl, BE Magazine, Spoon, and Uptown were able to bring an ultra-talented, fun, and entertaining group to campus in a space that is open to everyone regardless of age, affiliation, etc. for one lit-af night. It was also a painful reminder as to how apathetic the Bucknell community can be. Thanks to all who came out, and check out the artist pages below.

DopeLeague's Dvine ScienZe: Fresh Daily: Latasha Alcindor: Joey Manifesto: Dom O. Briggs: Noah Bility: Flamm: Elias Strizower:

Photos shot by Paige Philipps.

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