Campus Vinyl January 2017 Playlist


In the spirit of new year's resolutions, we at Campus Vinyl are excited to continue to keep Bucknell on the pulse of the latest and greatest in music, and what better way to kick off the semester with than a playlist of jams? Good news, we've got you covered. Here is our January 2017 Playlist of favorites, new and old -- just in time for the beginning of the semester! My pick is “Seventeen” by Sjowgren:

This simple, upbeat track feels simultaneously nostalgic and super-hopeful, and it makes me all sorts of nostalgic for warmer weather and driving with the windows down. It's a great mood-booster for those dreary January mornings.

Jack G. is intrigued by “False Prophets” by J. Cole:

This song was released right before J. Cole released 4 Your Eyez Only, but this track was left off the album. I like the energy of this song, and J. Cole’s lyrics are interesting as he takes shots at Kanye West in the first verse.

Lukas and MK are feeling “Redbone” by Childish Gambino:

LY: The track is very groovy, and just different than most songs in the hip-hop and r&b genre.

MKM: Very creative new song by Childish Gambino.

Jack B. discovered new artist Hot Mulligan and their track “Dary”:

Hot Mulligan released their EP Opportunities on December 16th and this is my favorite song off it. The emo/pop-punk band is from Lansing, Michigan and has a small but growing following so hopefully we will see a full length album in the future!

Tyler has “Foldin Clothes” by J. Cole on repeat:

Even cold-hearted lyricists need lovin' sometimes! Hearing J. Cole spit heartfelt verses over this funky beat is a breath of fresh air; warm up your winter with this change-of-pace tune.

Harrison has been listening to “Everybody Dies” by J. Cole:

This track from J. Cole's new album has an all-around wonderful melody and lyrics.

Sam is hooked on Blue Swede track “Hooked on a Feeling”:

Seeing the previews for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brought me back to this amazing soundtrack and made me very excited for the sequel (and equally important, the next soundtrack) this May.

Morgan is obsessed with “Estanna Shwai” by Autostrad:

Recently, I haven't been able to stop listening to Autostrad and this is my favorite track off of their 2015 self-titled album -- a reminder to slow down and think.

Allison is digging “Me and Your Mama” by Childish Gambino:

It is a song that marks Childish Gambino's comeback, and shows the new direction the artist is moving towards in his new album Awaken, My Love! The song features beautiful, expressive vocals by Gambino, and represents a shift in Gambino's music from rap to R&B.

Lauren Ziolkowski is reacquainting herself with Death Cab for Cutie track “A Lack of Color”:

A buddy of mine just got me back into these guys over break. This album has yet to disappoint me each time I play it through. This song in particular is a good nerve-relaxer. The vocalist is quiet and clearly emotional without actually whining.

Joe Elvin is getting into the winter mood with “Kettering” by The Antlers

January -- the most depressing month of the year. All the holidays have come to pass, but the coldest and most brutal winter days have yet to arrive. Make the most out of seasonal affective disorder by giving Hospice by The Antlers a listen. The second track, "Kettering," perfectly compliments those cold, dark walks to 8am classes.