Campus Vinyl BucknellU Presents: Your Finals Week Study Playlist


Finals. For some students, this word represents an end to a months-long streak of waking up at noon, skipping class, and chilling in the caf to study for four classes, two of which they purposely signed up for based on how much work was involved.  For others, it becomes a cumulative reward for all their hard work and Wednesday nights spent inside the library.  But regardless of who you are, this word probably still resonates with feelings of stress and anxiety, all in anticipation of the semester’s biggest exams.  In preparation for these tests, we can do a variety of things: we can prioritize and begin studying early on, we can procrastinate until the late hours of reading day, or we can go to the Freez and eat our stress away. MjAxMi02MTk4ZjM1MTczNjY0YmZl

So to help you get through this time of mourning, we at Campus Vinyl BucknellU have put together a Finals Week Playlist.  It covers everything from classical music for focusing, to “pump me up” tracks, to chill de-stressing songs, and more. We can assure you, there’s something for everyone in this playlist. You can find it HERE on Spotify!

Don’t have Spotify? Here’s a study mix from 8tracks. This one’s calm, lots of instrumentals and orchestral songs.  If you’re looking for a more alternative mix, here’s another that includes artists like Death Cab for Cutie and Lana Del Rey. And if you just wanna take a study break, here’s a playlist which includes a lot of electronic and trance music.

Either way, we all know that time flies here at Bucknell, and these next 2 weeks will be gone before we know it. So don't stress too much, listen to some good music, and kill it with your finals. Good luck!