Campus Vinyl BucknellU sits down with DJ Isomatik


Senior DJ Andy Isola ’13 will be rocking the house prior to 3LAU at Delta Upsilon fraternity this House Party Weekend. Isola goes by the moniker DJ Isomatik, and mainly considers himself a mash-up artist. DJing since high school, Andy started out working audio for theatre productions at his school. He has worked to improve his technical skill since. As a sophomore, he began tag-teaming on the DJ booth with recent Bucknell alum Ryan Starr ’12, and Isola says that experiencing DJing and learning to produce as a sophomore really helped him to grow creatively. Andy’s style has expanded, and he’s looking forward to mashing some tunes over the weekend. Campus Vinyl BucknellU recently interviewed Andy about his style as a DJ, what to look forward to during the upcoming House Party Weekend, and what it will be like to play with 3LAU. CV: What type of music do you make? Do you mostly mash-up other songs, or do you produce your own originals?

Isomatik: I mostly do mash-ups. Sometimes two songs just work together in a way that makes so much sense that I start not wanting to listen to the originals anymore. I love watching vocals get chopped up into entirely different genres, because when it works, it really works. I think the flexibility of genres has definitely contributed to the recent explosion of EDM into the mainstream. I post whatever I'm working on to my soundcloud.

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CV: That’s awesome. Do you have any musical influences, or artists you come back to frequently?

Isomatik: I fell in love with mash-ups after a friend introduced me to Milkman's album, Circle of Fifths on a car trip. I've always thought his mixes were tight. Also, I'm not going to lie, I've been a fan of 3LAU's tracks for a while. Everything he puts out is incredibly polished. I also really love MadeonPorter Robinson, and Feed Me.

CV: Will this be your first time DJing House Party? What can students expect from the show with you and 3LAU?

Isomatik: I was an opener for House Party two years ago, but the music scene and my personal style have changed a lot since then. My sets are generally focused on EDM with some hip-hop interludes. There has been a lot of exciting developments in trap music that audiences at Bucknell are really responding to, so expect to jump around a lot. 3LAU is the king of house mash-ups right now. I haven't heard a track from him that didn't inspire me to start swaying, and I intend to mimic his energy as closely as possible. When I was looking through his preliminary setlist, I saw several of the same songs that I keep in my back pocket when the dance floor needs a jolt, so I think we'll mesh pretty well.

CV: Tell me a bit about artists for whom you have previously opened.

Isomatik: I was lucky enough to open for Hoodie Allen when he came for House Party two years ago. I wouldn't say I was starstruck, but I definitely went on auto-pilot for that set. Biggest crowd I've played to date. I recently opened for D.VELOPED when he came to campus, which worked well since our styles are very similar.

 CV: Tell me a little about 3LAU...what can Bucknellians look forward to during his performance?

Isomatik: 3LAU is an interesting case of a mash-up artist turned original producer. I've been listening since he started out mixing popular electronic tracks with equally popular vocals, and since then, he's moved away from pure mash-ups towards producing original tracks with popular vocals, and focusing on longer seamless mixes. What remains constant is the high production values and fantastic big room sound. I'm looking forward to hearing his tracks echo through the quad.

CV: Any clips or playlists you have in mind to start out House Party Weekend?

Isomatik: Here are some pretty cool clips -

Easy - Mat Zo & Porter Robinson

Feed Me - Little Cat Steps

Madeon - Finale

Hoodie Allen - No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jhameel)

For some of my favorites by DJ Isomatik, be sure to check out some sweet mixes like Change What Ya Like or Dat Wuband definitely be sure to check his set with 3LAU outside Delta Upsilon fraternity this weekend!