Campus Vinyl's April Playlist


The Campus Vinyl staff is loving this warm, mid-60’s weather just as must as you which is why we’ve compiled another monthly playlist of our current favorite songs.  So whether you’re relaxing on the quad, running outside, or getting down at a Super Saturday, Campus Vinyl has got you covered with a little bit of everything. Make sure to follow the playlist on our Spotify page as it streams through the new widget on the homepage of our site!  

Jen Lassen recommends "Charlie Ain't Home" by ZZ Ward


"Charlie Ain't Home" by ZZ Ward has an airy, Southern feel...the lyrics "golden honey drippin' from this house" and "lay me down on sheets of cotton" say it all. It's relaxed yet energetic, perfect for the real start of spring.


Jordan Peskin chooses “Riptide” by Vance Joy


Being from one of my favorite artists, this song by Vance Joy is unique, upbeat, and always brings a sense of good vibes to wherever I am.  Like spring fever, it's catchy tune is also humorous and a bit nostalgic.


Marcus Schenck likes “Battle Cry” by Angel Haze ft. Sia


It's a new month, a new season, a time for change, and a time to keep moving forward. With Haze's poignant, empowering lyricism and a heartfelt chorus, these two powerhouse vocalists bring a track that will help make you feel like you can get through anything this crazy month might try to throw at you.


Jack Dealtrey suggests “Crosshairs” by Danger Doom


“Crosshairs” by Danger Doom on the album The Mouse and the Mask.  This is one of my favorite albums from my youth in high school.  Danger Doom is a duo consisting of the rapper/producer MF Doom and producer Danger Mouse.  Both are very inventive and unique and have certainly made their mark on music.


J Swirsky is jamming to "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" by Paul Simon


What? Oh yea, that was sun this past week.  And with sun, comes open air cruising with friends.  This is one of my personal favorites for such occasions.  African influence, a giddy melody, and soothing vocals all make this classic a spring-time must.


Brianna Marshall loves "Meadowlarks" by Fleet Foxes


I have always loved the delicate, acoustic quality of Fleet Foxes music. This super mellow song reminds me of springtime and sunshine.


Justin Westdyke chooses "Hold on Till May" by Pierce the Veil


I've been on a big Pierce the Veil kick recently. Their post-hardcore emo sound is just such a throwback to my high school days and they really are a talented group of performers-- everyone kicks ass at each of the instruments they play! This song features vocals from Lindsey Stamey (from Oh No Fiasco), who complements PTV's lead vocalist so well.


Caroline Carey suggests “Sunshine” by Atmosphere


I've been really into Atmosphere lately. They're one of my favorite rap groups, especially when spring rolls around. This mellow, optimistic track will give you the inspiration you need to get up and out in the sunshine (hah). Cause really, what could be so bad when the sun is shining?


Zac Westdyke loves “Tonight You're Perfect” by New Politics


I first heard this jammy on the way up North to Jay Peak over Spring Break to go boarding, so maybe I'm REALLY into it because of the context in which it was initially heard.  Regardless, this song brings me back to my alternative-rock routes, and reminds me of the open-garage, one-radio-station-playing-all-day, dirtbike-riding Saturdays I'd spend at my dad's house.


Laura Yoo digs “Get Free” by Major Lazer feat. Amber of Dirty Projects


If you're looking for the perfect, laid-back song to ease your way into the warmer season, "Get Free" is it.  Major Lazer's light, perhaps tropical, beats blend seamlessly with Amber's pleading vocals singing, "we could never get free, I just wanna be, I just wanna dream."  Take a listen and picture yourself relaxing in a hammock, sippin' on a coconut.


Morgan suggests “You Feel Amazing” by Radical Something


Get at me Super Sats-- nothing says spring time like Radical Something; they embody good vibes.


Connor Small loves “Wild Flowers” by Tom Petty


As the weather warms up, I typically turn to light-hearted classic rock and folk. This song by Tom Petty always reminds me of my older sister, who used to play this song when she took me to school every morning. I think it is a great mix of classic rock and folk, and even though it is a sad song lyrically, I always feel happy and nostalgic when I listen to it.


Louise Peterson is feeling “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


I’m reverting back to my happy-go-lucky, indie-pop favorites with the return of sunshine and my emergence from seasonal depression thanks to winter. You can’t help but smile when listening to this one.


Jason Hammett is loving "Love Song" by Jake Bugg


It has a real Bob Dylan feel to it. And that is quite a compliment.


Nick Bartek recommends "All Along the Watchtower" by Dave Matthews Band


Aside from being one of the few remaining jam bands, Dave Matthews Band radiates with emotion and talent during all of their performances. The fact that they have released more live albums than studio albums attests to this and it shows in this rendition of "All Along the Watchtower". Great song to accompany the cool spring breeze.