Campus Vinyl BucknellU's Guide to House Party


Shwayze The build-up to House Party Weekend is always intensified by the announcement of the acts that the Fraternities bring to campus for the weekend. Last year’s acts included Aer at DU, Ying Yang Twins at TKE and Kid Ink at Sig Ep. This year’s lineup seems to be just as promising with artists such as rapper Shwayze (TKE), mash-up artist 3lau (DU), rapper Mike Jones (Lambda Chi) and comedian/Youtube sensation Dom Mazzetti (Chi Phi).

Seems like a lot of great music, but with all this talent crammed into two nights, getting to see the shows you want to see often proves difficult. Never fear though, because as part of our weeklong House Party coverage here at Campus Vinyl BucknellU, we provide to you, the students, a step-by-step guide to surviving the frenzy and getting to your favorite acts!

1. Plan ahead – one of the biggest mistakes one could make when going into House Party Weekend is not planning out your weekend to some degree. Get together with your friends and try to plan your musical experience. Want to see student bands during the day? Make sure to get to TKE or Kappa Sig. Want to a see a cool lightshow? Venture over to Sig Ep. Need some rap to get you through the night? Lambda and TKE will take care of you. But the important thing here is to plan with your friends where and when you’d all like to go. That being said…

2. Stay with your friends as much as possible, but don’t be afraid to break off if you want to see a different act – as important as staying together is, don’t sacrifice your own personal House Party experience seeing an act you don’t really want to see because that’s where your friends are going. Following Step 1 will help prevent such a situation for occurring.

3. Go EVERYWHERE – “One piece of advice to freshmen – go to as many houses as possible. I think I went to almost every house my freshman year” said Sam Stulberg ’12.  One of the beautiful things about House Party is the opening of the fraternities and the ability for students, especially freshmen, to go to venues they may not usually go to. Sampling every fraternity at night may be unlikely with lines, so plan ahead which fraternities to go to during the day and which to go to at night.

4. Pace yourself, and help your friends do the same– the last thing you want to do is miss the act you really want to see because you lost steam early in the day. Stay hydrated and make sure to eat so you can make it out later. Helping your friends out is also important factor: while everybody wants to have a good time, a helpful tactic in strengthening your group’s stamina is to take turns making sure you all stay hydrated and well fed so you can all stay on plan.

5. Be persistent, and go early – if you are dying to see a certain act, stay in line. “I think the best way to actually hear music at House Party is to stick in the line until you get in, even if it takes a while. Getting bored in one line and jumping to another is a guaranteed way not to hear any music,” said one sophomore, “[because of that] last year I didn’t get into any musical acts, so I can’t say I had a favorite.” Going and getting in line before places get packed is also a big factor.

6. Go support your student performers – amid the hype of all the guest performers, it’s easy to forget about the homegrown acts that usually perform during House Party. This year we’re lucky to have a number of student performers during House Party, be it DJ’s such as Doug Bogan (Sig Ep) and DJ NightCrawler (Sig Chi), or bands like Log Cabin (TKE) and Truck Bed Band (Kappa Sig), its important to take advantage of the wealth of musical talent of your classmates. So go out and support!

   Log Cabin  Doug-Bogan1-e1363719285776

For the full schedule, check out this article.

So let’s review: planning, pacing and watching out for yourself and your friends will assuredly help maximize your House Party experience. Remember to try and go to as many places as you can, be persistent and to support your student performers. If you stick to these guidelines House Party Weekend should be smooth sailing.

Keep the beat going,

Connor Small