Campus Vinyl's Mid-Summer Playlist


So we’ve been kind of MIA this summer with our playlists recently but give us some slack – internships, summer jobs, hitting the beach – summer can get pretty busy.  But we feel your need for some great new music to listen to so we’re here to give you our mid-summer (more accurately, final days -- I’m in denial) playlist to help you round out these last few weeks on a high. Joe is jamming to The Wonder Years’ new single, “Cardinals”

This song is a new single off The Wonder Years' upcoming album No Closer to Heaven due out September 4 through Hopeless Records. After their incredible latest release The Greatest Generation in 2013, I was extremely excited to hear the announcement about the new album. The band's aggressive pop punk sound, along with their vocalist Dan Campbell's heart-on-sleeve lyrics, never cease to impress me and I'm sure No Closer to Heaven will be no exception.

Jason is celebrating b-day month (HBD Jason!) with “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus

This is honor of my 20th birthday this past month and the end of my teenage years! This song doesn't describe me at all, but I kinda wish it did...

Laura’s raising up the energy with “Wet Dollars” by Tazer x Tink

Reminiscent of Azealia Banks, rapper and songstress Tink takes Tazer's beat to another level with her catchy, urban rhymes. Whether I'm trying to keep awake on the AM subway ride to work or just kicking back with some friends, this song always keeps my energy up.  Listening may just make you throw on a fur coat -- nothing else -- and swing downtown for a fabu night out. Enjoy! Xo.

Caroline is feeling “Weight in Gold” by Gallant

I CANNOT STOP listening to this song. I have a terrible habit of over-listening to my fav new song and then getting sick of it so I think I need to cut myself off for a little. But when the chorus comes, its epic. The pulsing beat is addictive; this song literally gives me chills. Go check it out!

Nick’s listening to “Let’s Make This Moment a Crime” by The Format

What was Nate Ruess doing before his solo career and Fun. you ask? Well, he was part of a little project known as The Format. Personally, I think The Format is better than Fun. but that's up for you to decide. Give this a tune a listen and let me know watcha think.

Louise is rocking out to “Lovers on the Run” by Nihils

This song has been my summer jam. You can't not rock out to this addicting piano line and catchy vocals.

Marcus is bringing disco back with “The Night is Young” by Big Gigantic ft. Cherub

Hopefully you've been kicking back and having the time of your life with friends this summer! If not, don't worry! There's still a good bit of summer left! There's time for studying and adult-ing at school and our friends Big Gigantic and Cherub understand that, especially with a track like "The Night is Young". I literally was dancing in my kitchen by myself when I first heard this earlier in the summer, I'm that in love with it. With the electro vibes Big Gigantic is known for combined with dance-floor-ready disco and a FREAKIN' KILLER SAX SOLO, you're sure to be dancing the rest of the summer nights away in style.

Staci is addicted to “Some Unheroic Hill” by Ark Life

This Denver band is sick!  Their modern folk-rock sound is so addicting, the most recent album has been on repeat all summer

Avid and Morgan are winding down with “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

Avid: Leon Bridges is my current favorite up-and-coming artist. “Coming Home” is the perfect song to unwind to on your commute home from work, and his debut album, also titled Coming Home, hits the mark as a whole.

Morgan:  I have loved Leon Bridges’ vintage sound ever since I first heard it (so much that I wrote a full-length article on him!)  Coming Home is the title track of Bridges' debut full-length album released last month and is only a small taste of the larger work that is the record.  Take a listen -- I hope you dig it!