Campus Vinyl's Music for May!


Summer is almost here! The Campus Vinyl staff has put together another list of their favorite songs to get you through the rest of your finals and the rest of spring. Tell us what you think!

Zac Westdyke likes “Strangers” by Seven Lions with Myon and Shane 54 ft. Tove Lo

This song was released independent of the EP several weeks ago (the rest of the incredible EP, Worlds Apart, was just released a few days ago). In addition to the entire EP being incredible and featuring amazing vocalists, Seven Lions offers such a unique, euphoric, and refreshing style of electronic music.  Tove Lo's rise and reign continues, and Seven Lions puts out another song that just makes me feel so damn good inside.


Devon Calhoun digs “Naked Noise” by Shannon Saunders

This is everything I love about Shannon Saunders wrapped into one. I am such a big fan of people who can take pop music or really upbeat tunes and slow them down into their own style. Not only does she do that, but also she found a perfect way to blend the three songs together to not only sound good, but the lyrics blend as well. Most of the time with pop music people get lost in the beat or the tune and stop listening to the lyrics, but clearly Shannon saw something important in these three songs so much so to show people she could sing them with real emotion.  Also- mini shout out- for all of the negative attention Wrecking Ball got, it just won the award for Best Lyrics at the iHeart Radio awards last night. GO MILES


Caro Carey likes “One Will Break” by Act of Congress

It’s finally (almost) summer, and its time for some relaxing, upbeat music. I discovered this group a few years ago and they quickly became my summer go to. Nothing fits the summer vibe quite like a ukulele and some killer harmonies. So sit back, tune in, and enjoy the sunshine. You deserve it.


Marcus Schenck chooses "Pretty Thoughts” by Alina Baraz & Galimatias

It's definitely a chill-out song. You can just forget the world and zone out in the summer sun for a little while. It's sort of simple but it's something really special too.


Louise Peterson likes "Second Chance" by Peter Bjorn And John

This is probably the most popular song off of their album Gimme Some and with good reason. The duo is known for their happy-go-lucky feel and this song epitomizes their style. It's pop-y and catchy; plus, I guaranteed to get stuck in your head after you listen to it a million+ times.


Ian Colley loves "Everybody Knows" by Jukebox the Ghost

After opening with a simple but boldly stated piano intro, this song takes off with thick wall of sound supporting the lightness of singer Ben Thornewill's voice.  His voice carries well throughout song, displaying an impressive range and emotive capability.  The song holds my attention with an unrelenting beat, but makes me love it with a singable melody.  There is nothing terribly complex about it, but "Everybody Knows" is a well-assembled anthem that makes me want to listen again.


Jen Lassen is into “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous

I've recently been listening to an oldie but goodie, "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous. For some reason, this song reminds me of summer...and soon enough, summer will be here!"


Laura Yoo likes "Streamers" by Wave Racer

Imagine playing Super Smash Bros and Cubefield, inside of an aquarium, while tripping acid --that's kind of what this song is like.


Tom Bonan picks “All is Loneliness” by Big Brother & The Holding Company

A song I’ve recently been really into is “All is Loneliness” by Big Brother & The Holding Company. It comes from their eponymous debut album from the summer of 1967, which also happened to be Janis Joplin’s first studio recording with the band. Instantly, the band’s Bay Area psychedelic roots come out through their layering of several different vocalists interspersed with an ambient air of guitar in the background. This song is easily one of my favorites of the era, and is a great way to get introduced to psychedelic rock.


Morgan Klein suggests “Sheep in Wolves Clothes” by Little Hurricane

I've been playing this song on my radio show as much as my co-host will let me.  It's a beautiful song both lyrically and musically and I just can't stop listening to it.  So perfect for these rainy days.


Andrew Kilman chooses “In Repair" from the Village Sessions by John Mayer

One of the best acoustic rock guitar solos ever. John Mayer's use of phrasing is unbelievable in this tune. Check out the whole Village Sessions as well!



Jason Hammett digs "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" by Arcade Fire.

This song sounds like how any good summer should feel. Go for a long night drive with the windows down and let this be your soundtrack, you'll feel the music just as vividly as you'll feel the wind blowing through your hair.


Nick Bartek likes “Make Silk Purse Out of Sow’s Ear” by The Palmer Squares

This one goes out to some of my buddies back home that turned me onto this group earlier this year. The Palmer Squares, consisting of Terminal Knowledge and Acumental, are a group of goofy dudes from Chicago that spit witty and clever lines. Every time I listen to their songs, I pick up a different intricacy layered in their songs. Aside from their awesome lyrics, they are definitely amusing and mildly inappropriate which always calls for a good time, right?


Brianna Marshall suggests "Oceans" by Coasts.

I was introduced to "Oceans" a few weeks ago by a friend and I have been hooked ever since. The song captures the carefree summer vibe perfectly.  It makes me want to drop everything for a lazy day at the beach.


Avid Khorramian chooses "XXX 88" by Mø ft. Diplo

Although Mø broke out onto the music scene with her debut EP No Mythologies to Follow earlier this year, "XXX 88" was released as a single in 2013. I've gone through numerous phases of having this song on repeat for weeks at a time ever since. Featuring the flawless combination of the Danish artist's signature soulful but poppy vocals and an undertone of Diplo's production, I feel like it's the perfect song to blast in my car while driving up the coast this summer.


Connor Small loves "Up Up Up" by Givers

This song has such a fun beat that really gets me pumped for the start of summer, and I love how the energy builds and builds all the way to the end. Plus the music video is really cool. This song is definitely going to be on all my summer playlists!


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