Campus Vinyl's November Playlist


Happy November, Bucknellians! Trees are shedding their leaves, temperatures are dropping, and finals are approaching. Winter is coming! Stay warm this November as you celebrate through Thanksgiving and struggle through finals season with the Campus Vinyl writing staff's song choices for November. Jason Hammett likes "Wakin on a Pretty Day" by Kurt Vile.

This song is my go to song for walking around campus this time of year. The lyrics and the music describe the scenery around Bucknell so well. You should try waking up on sunny weekend days and walking across Lewisburg listening to this song.


Morgan Klein is feeling Son Little's "The River". 

I love all the different dimensions to this song. Each layer is pretty minimalist from the bass line to the percussion, I love the way they all come together to form this complex finished product. Definitely going to be writing a lot of midterm papers to this tambourine-laced tune.


Brianna Marshall can't get enough of Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body".

Death Cab for Cutie is my original indie obsession and I have recently been revisiting “Plans” which is by far my favorite of their many albums.  “Soul Meets Body” is this album’s most upbeat option with a catchy melody that disguises the dark, brooding lyrics.  I can never get enough of this song.


Adam Kozdrowicz can't stop listening to "Can’t Stop (feat. Kanye West)" by Theophilus London.

Theophilus London recently said how big of a mentor Kanye West has been over these past few years, and it shows on his debut album, Vibes. This song is one of the multiple gems that can be found on the album, and it features the most recent verse we have heard from Kanye West to date. Ye throws down a pretty interesting verse, paying homage to his “it ain’t Ralph though” spiel and touching upon some other controversial topics surrounding him. Go check it out.


Paige Banfield is digging "No Diggity" by Chet Faker.

I came across this song while getting lost somewhere in the world of YouTube. I was just casually studying, trying to find some new artists and stumbled across Chet Faker, it took me a moment (or two, or three) to realize this was actually a cover of the legendary No Diggity by Blackstreet. Something about the deep bass, the jazzy rapping of the drums, and the melancholy electric organ sound so natural while transforming a classic into something so chill and mellow and bit ironic. Chet's definitely one to keep your eye on, plus we can't ignore his impeccable beard.


Connor Small is into "Are You In?" by Incubus.

I've been in a throwback mood for a while, and this is another track that I've dug up from the depth of my iTunes library. I love the combination of the mellow & atmospheric guitar and vocals with the grooving rhythm section, which definitely shows off a different side of Incubus's repertoire.


Laura Yoo chooses "Paradise Awaits" by Zhu.

Zhu, the mysterious DJ behind the hit "Faded" from earlier this year, drew me in again with this deep-house melody. He's consistent in his style, complimenting light yet danceable beats with his smooth, sexy vocals. Trust me, you'll find yourself closing your eyes, swaying back and forth when groovin' to this tune.


Staci Dubow thinks "All This Could Be Yours" by The Cold War Kids is awesome.

I downloaded this song right when it came out this summer but I recently took the time to actually listen to it when the rest of the album dropped and ever since I can't get enough.  It’s perfect for a late night pick me up at the library.  The rest of the album is awesome too.


Gigi Joudrie is falling back in love with Mounties’ song “Tokyo Summer”

I spent all summer with this song on repeat then completely forgot about it when school started. Somehow it has made it’s way back to the top of my “Most Played” and I am not complaining whatsoever.


Tom Bonan is experimenting with "Too Young" by Phoenix.

Phoenix's old material is really cool -- it is much more experimental and really show's their development as a band. "Too Young" comes off of their debut album United from 2000 and has that unique "Phoenix sound" yet is still kind of rough and not as polished as some of their more recent songs.


Jen Lassen is listening to "Open" by Rhye. I recently discovered Rhye and can't stop listening to her! Her soothing voice and unique sound make me feel calm and relaxed...perfect for staying inside on chilly November days.


Marcus Schenck recommends "Telemiscommunications" by Imogen Heap and deadmau5.

What I love about this song is how conversational the lyrics and how easy they are to connect with. It's a rather unexpected collaboration between these two artists but it makes for a beautiful track with the unique sound innovations that they have to offer. It's really just a bunch of thoughts put to music and it's as simple and honest as that throughout.


Louise Peterson is jamming to "Song for No One" by Miike Snow.

I'm throwing it back to an oldie-but-goodie after hearing this play in 7th Street last week. Miike Snow's combination of peppy vocals and upbeat rhythm makes this song a catch.


Jake Perlmutter likes "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder.

Who doesn't like to listen to God for 4 minutes? This song will release the boogie from your loins and get up and dance!


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(Photo: BucknellU Instagram.)