Campus Vinyl’s October 2015 Playlist


October presents us with many beautiful things: vibrant foliage, GMO-ridden pumpkin spiced everything, and possibly the most underrated American holiday ever, National No-Bra Day (Oct. 13 – sorry, you missed it). In the midst of all this greatness, we at Campus Vinyl give you our October 2015 Playlist. So take a break from your boring books and enjoy a magical, melodious pony-ride, free of charge. Enjoy! Personally, I’ve been enjoying the musical stylings of Houston-based rapper Travis Scott. Probably my favorite track off his debut album Rodeo is “90210,” which also features the hypnotizing vocals of Kacy Hill. Eerie yet whimsical, this hybrid tune will send you whirling into a hazy world of Styrofoam cups and Beverly Hills strippers.




Shira & Marcus both opted for “Magnets” feat. Lorde, by Disclosure

Magnets is a single on Disclosure's latest album Caracal that was released earlier this year on September 25. After previewing this single, I had high expectations for it because I love both featured artists. Nonetheless, the single exceeded my expectations. The artists' varying sounds are so apparent and contrasting, which creates for an overall moody tune and showcases the most equal collaboration. – Shira Tarlo

This song seems rather peculiar at first but packs plenty of punch. Lorde's subdued vocals fit the quiet build to a percussive chorus that's great to dance to. The dark, dance vibes with persistent synths prove once again that Disclosure has the collaboration game on lock. – Marcus Schenk



Ryan throws it back with Midge Ure’s cover of “The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie.

My song for the month is Midge Ure’s cover of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World”. I chose this song because not only is it a nice throwback to the 80s with a little bit of synth, but it also sounds very chilling and haunting. With Halloween right around the corner, the song is perfect to listen to, with its eerie tone and echoing vocals that would give anyone goosebumps. – Ryan Gannon



Joe is feelin’ psychedelic with “The Underachievers” by Tyler D.

This song is a trippy, dragging, swaggin' tune that integrates conscious, spiritual concepts with some silly, just damn ill rhymes for the hell of it. Sick beat, killer track. – Joe DiBartolo



Ryan is gettin’ down to “Eyeless” by Slipknot

This is an old song but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. It’s classic Slipknot with Corey still incorporating his classic scream and rap-like style. Turntables and heavy guitar riffs make an appearance as well. – Ryan House



Staci is vibing to Boy and the Bear’s acoustic “Fox Hole”

Even though Boy and Bear's newest album has more of a rock feel, its closing track, Fox Hole, returns to the band's acoustic roots.  The entire album definitely deserves a listen, but Fox Hole steals the show for me!  - Staci Dubow



Laur is addicted to “Eyes Shut” by Years & Years

I've been super into Years & Years lately - their electro-pop mix of energetic sound and angsty lyrics is reminiscent of Disclosure and M83, and "Eyes Shut" is my favorite song of theirs. Its incredibly addicting hook and hopeful message don't disappoint, and are the perfect addition to any playlist. – Laur Hudson



Alex chose TWO songs for October. First up is “Alhambra” by Dom Kennedy.

Catching up on my west coast rap from this summer, I picked up Dom Kennedy's new album and its awesome! The epitome of west coast rap, Dom brings a lazy lyrical style to this outstanding electronic-meets-boom-boom-bap track! – Alex Horowitz



Next is the jam, “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig and GTA. “I've been having too much fun with this song lately. One of the most banging EDM tracks to hit the waves lately,” writes Horowitz.



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