Campus Vinyl’s September Playlist


Here we are, back at school together, at the junction of summer and fall, spicing everything with pumpkin.  To facilitate your social reunions, we have assembled an eclectic playlist of inimitable quality.  Check it:  

Tom remembers dancing in this month, and has picked "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire

I couldn't have chosen a more aptly named or more incredible song for this month.


Jake reminds us of an oldie: “Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith 

This song is a classic - Blind Faith was the explosion resulting from Cream and Traffic in 1969. Clapton & Winwood knew what was good, and after all, they are still struggling finding their way home.


Brianna loves everything about "Waste" by Foster the People.

I saw Foster the People live this summer and they were incredible. I rediscovered Torches and why "Waste" is one of my favorite songs.  The beat is so catchy and dancey but the lyrics are so honest and real.


Justin has put "Private Fears in Public Places" by Front Porch Step on repeat.

I recently found this artist through a binge of "related artists" clicking on Spotify and instantly loved him. His only album is an all-acoustic set that is reminiscent of that middle-school vibe heartbreak music we all used to love (and some, like me, still do). "Private Fears in Public Places" is my favorite song off of his album, and I've been playing it non-stop recently!


Elias lets “Rude (Zedd Remix)” speak for itself.

MAGIC! Zedd pumped out another amazing track, and it's a perfect remix of an already great song!


Marcus is awestruck by "If I Go" by Ella Eyre.

This song is so high-energy and powerful, I'm not really sure how you couldn't get pumped up by it. Ella Eyre absolutely delivers with this new track, flawlessly performing as the electropop queen diva she really is. If she can sing this well for a studio recording, this track will help you get any and all of your work done to spiffy, amazing perfection with its driving beat and Eyre's stunning vocals.


Morgan K sings the praises of “Drop The Game” by Flume and Chet Faker.

How I didn't know about this song when it was released last year is a mystery we may never solve...but I'm so glad that I know of it now!!  It has this eery, foreboding quality that I always find myself gravitating towards.  We all know that Flume seriously knows what he's doing, but I can't resist marveling at the construction of this song.  I'm finding it so hard to not bob my head along while I write this.

Definitely check it out and other Chet Faker or Flume music because they are both extremely talented and I promise you will not regret it!


Caroline is newly obsessed with “Love Like This” by Kodaline

Kodaline is my newest music obsession. The Irish group has been popular in Europe since they released their first studio album last year and is just now making a buzz in the states. "Love Like This" is just one of many greats off that album; go check them out!


Morgan B- I've been super into this song recently. It has a pretty cool and unique beat that just gets you going. Weaver is pretty new to the industry but I think everyone should keep an ear out for her! Also this is a solid song to walk to class to if you're in need a mood lifter at 7:50am.


Ian returns to Kanye’s roots with “Through The Wire”.

As we begin the school year again, let's look back at another beginning: that of the performance career of Kanye West. "Through the Wire" was his debut single that would later make it onto his first album, The College Dropout.  The story goes that he was in a car accident that resulted in his jaw being wired shut to help repair his broken face.  Thus, this song was recorded through the wire; listen to his strained vowels, and you can tell something is off.  The title is also derived from the Chaka Khan song "Through the Fire", which is sampled at a higher pitch throughout Kanye's rapping.


Zac is loving “Goodbye To A World” by Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World

This song is a beautiful combination of Porter's past, present, and - if I had to guess, future - styles.  He throws in the Portal-esque voice that's proven to be almost a signature of his new album.  The song's got pretty chill vibes and the glitch-hoppy drop towards the end gets me every time.


Jen is preparing for fall with “Cherry Wine” by Hozier.

For September, my pick is "Cherry Wine" by Hozier. I saw the movie "Wish I Was Here" over the summer, and this is one of the songs on the soundtrack. The mellow, soft acoustic notes; deep, strong vocals; and light bird chirping and nature sounds remind me of (and get me excited for!) fall.


Nick, ever in love with Hostage Calm, chose their song “Your Head/Your Heart”

This is probably the third time I've used a Hostage Calm song as my monthly playlist pick but with good reason. This song was the first single off of Hostage Calm's newest album Die on Stage and much like the title, it's killer. Although the album isn't set to release for another few weeks, after some low quality leaks, Run for Cover records decided to stream the record on Soundcloud. So if you like what you hear, check out the rest of the album, it's impeccable.


Kilman has faith in the likability of "Good Man" by Darlingside

Give this song 10 seconds and you will fall in love.


Louise is caught by “Traum” by CRO.

The Dutch boys kill it. Sick beat, so catchy despite not knowing what the lyrics mean.


Jason has been rediscovering an old favorite, "This Year" by The Mountain Goats

This song is so timeless to me. It always gets me through a tough time, or uplifts a happy one.


Connor is tripping on "Left Hand Free" by alt-J

alt-J is back with as a trio with a couple new jams. My favorite is "Left Hand Free" in all of its psychedelic, southern-rock-on-acid glory. Definitely a departure from their previous material, and a bit more raw.

Avid is diving deep into "Chum" by Earl SweatshirtChum is equal parts angst and calm, witty and unembellished, deeply developed and painfully obvious. The song is as multifaceted as Earl Sweatshirt himself.