Campus Vinyl’s Ultimate Holiday Playlist


The holiday season is finally here! A time filled with snow, gifts, hot chocolate, way too much food, that drunk uncle of yours, and best of all, terribly cheesy holiday songs that you can only get away with listening to in December. And while it's easy to get sick of the Mariah Careys and Michael Bubles that take over literally every radio station and Spotify playlist, I challenge you to find one person who doesn't get at least the slightest bit excited when "All I Want for Christmas Is You" comes on (again).

And believe it or not, there is variety in holiday music. You have the classics by artists like Nat King Cole, Irving Berlin, and Burl Ives; then there's the rock n' roll holiday jams by Springstein, Elvis, and Chuck Berry; there's a softer, more reflective type like those by John & Yoko and whoever sings that tear jerking song about the kid who buys shoes for his dying mother; there are some really catchy jazz hits by those like the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Eartha Kitt; there are the straight up ridiculous ones like "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" and "Dominic the Donkey"; and then there's the newer music put out by today's pop artists. It seems like everyone who is anyone in the music industry today releases a holiday album, or at least a single. Artists anywhere from Bieber to Britney to Bareilles have released holiday albums. And while these records might seem like a sellout, some artist's holiday songs are among their most popular (see Mariah). While most of these new versions are generally not my cup of tea, there are some good (or just funny) ones that have made it onto my Christmas playlist. I personally like the Jazzy and rock n' roll songs more than others, but the holidays are all about variety, and that's what I've tried to portray in CV's Ultimate Holiday Playlist. Most of these holiday songs are filled with corny lyrics and simple, repetitive melodies that normally make any music enthusiast cringe. But for one month a year, we embrace the clichés and sing along (over and over again), because 'tis the season. So thrown on your ugly Christmas sweater, grab some egg nog, and sit back and enjoy these joyous jams that only come once a year.