The Chainsmokers


The Chainsmokers.  No, they are not a bad habit your mother would admonish you for if you ever picked it up.  That is, not unless she despises songs that keep you up for an extra 5 minutes every night because you just have to hear them one. more. time.  Or maybe like, 10 more times. At least, that’s how my Wednesday night went when I got back to my room at 1:30am to find out The Chainsmokers had just released a remix of Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home”.  But let me back up because I’m sure some of you may be asking yourselves: “Who in the hell are these guys??”

They are Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alex “Alex” Pall, a duo of hilarious, gifted, and self proclaimed “aggressively handsome” music producers, most notably famous for their indie-progressive/house remixes of already super-indie songs.  Also, they’re from New York, so take that Europe!

They signed on with 4AM near the end of 2012, so these guys are fresh.  But don’t mistake their recent entry into the game for inexperience – these two kill it.  The first song I heard from them was their remix of Jónsi’s “Around Us”, and it reminded me of the first time my middle school crush told me she liked me back (I swear she’s the one that got away).  It keeps the softness of the original during the verses, but throws in a killer, upbeat drop after an epic build.

Around Us

Sticking with the indie theme, The Chainsmokers put out 3 stellar remixes in the 3 months following the release of their remix of “Around Us”.  My personal favorite of the three, a remix of Daughter’s “Medicine”, takes about 3 minutes to get to the first and only drop, creating what may very well be one of the most emotional builds of any EDM hit.


A little over a month later The Chainsmokers dropped my 2nd favorite of their tunes.  A chill, progressive-indie remix of Say Lou Lou’s “Julian”.  If I had to describe the track in two words: blissfully euphoric.  It starts off with a very minimalist sound, complemented perfectly by Say Lou Lou’s vocals.  And then, well, and then you’re dreaming.  Just listen to it.


The final song I’ll highlight (up to this point my personal favorite) is their remix of Cash Cash’s “Take Me Home”.  If you’ve been to a downtown party, chances are you’ve heard the original (like 6 times in one night most likely).  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a jam, but it’s totally missing something.  I didn’t know what it was until my ears fell upon The Chainsmokers’ remix.  The chopped-up vocals during the first build still give me chills, even after my millionth time hearing the song.  But I’ll stop there; this article is already long enough.  Listen to it, feel awesome, be awesome, dance, rage, cry (I did maybe a little bit).

Take Me Home

I could go on for days, but who wants to listen to me rant anyway?  Listen to all of their songs: download the free ones; buy the ones that aren’t.  Follow them on Twitter for a good laugh.  See them in concert for a good time.  You have my word, if you let these two into your life I guarantee all of your wishes* will come true.




*Assuming your wishes consist of discovering the greatest DJ/Producer duo to ever exist.