Chance the Rapper's Climb to Celestial Status


At the ripe old age of 23, Chancelor Bennett has maneuvered away from any chains that the music industry has tried to place on him time and time again, and in spite of them, Chance the Rapper is a household name. Defying the odds, Chance has ascended to fame as a completely independent artist, with a rather fast and furious rise to the top. Chance dropped his first mixtape 10 Day when he was only a high school senior, but since then he has taken the music world by storm, working with artists as established and revered as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and J. Cole. chance2

In the five years since 10 Day, he has garnered musical acclaim from artists and critics alike, but in 2016, with the release of his most recent mixtape, Coloring Book, Chance reached celestial status. In the whirlwind of a year, the kid from 79th Street in Chicago became a best-selling artist, a respected philanthropist, and a father. It’s easy to understand why Chance has had such great success in such a short time, and it’s because of the soul that he puts into his work. He leaves his heart and soul in his work, with personal and emotional lyrics ranging from the horrors of living in Chiraq to the joys of parenthood. Chance’s music is a testament to the joyful life that he leads, a life that he calls perfect. Some of the moments that can be considered both confirmation and credit to this superstardom status that Chance has reached are his White House performance of “Sunday Candy,” his tribute to Muhammad Ali at the ESPYs, and his unforgettable collaboration with Kanye West on the legend’s newest album -- performed live on SNL. While it hasn’t exactly been most people’s year, it’s safe to say that Chance the Rapper has shined as much light on the dark year as he humanly could.

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