Coldplay Takes a New Direction with "Midnight"


They’ve definitely taken their sound and image in a different direction with their newest release “Midnight”. With this unexpected release, many people have been left with mixed feelings towards their new sound and image. The video is shot entirely in negative frames with integrated images, starkly contrasting their previous videos, which were based primarily around concentrated hues and active imagery. However, their image is not the only thing different about Coldplay’s new single. The sound itself is way more synth-y and electronic. It is full of breath, and the lyrics themselves are not even fully recognizable on the first listen. That being said, I am into it. I like this direction; I think it pulls them out of the mainstream lens where they would feel pressure to succumb to pop based songs for mass appeal. It’s definitely more in the Explosions in the Sky realm with heavier emphasis on the instrumentals and their integration with vocal syncopation.

As of right now, Coldplay has released only one other song from their potential new album called Magic. While it follows the same kind of background instrumentals as “Midnight” it definitely takes on similarities to their older music. It has firmer beats and stronger vocal dynamics. There are choruses and it follows a standard song structure whereas “Midnight” went full blown avant-garde. Either way, both songs are taking the band in a more indie, alternative direction and I am all about it.