Up and Coming Artist: The Shadowboxers


There is a seriously talented band originating from Atlanta that everybody needs to become aware of.  The Shadowboxers are an alternative rock band that combines musical strengths of innovative guitar playing with great harmonies.

The Shadowboxers released their debut album Red Room in 2013, and it’s available on Spotify (for free) and iTunes, so check it out.  The most popular track as ranked by Spotify is the song “Sidewalk.”   The album fluctuates from slow singing acoustic tracks such as “I Won’t Give Up On You” to hard electric songs such as “Vienna”, both available on Spotify.




Most Shadowboxers fans will tell you that the band’s live performances are better than their studio works.  In order to give the fans the live Shadowboxers that they want, every first Tuesday of the month, the band releases a new cover on their Youtube channel.  Last month, they did a cover of Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean.  A prior month’s cover even got a tweet from Justin Timberlake.  The particular cover that Justin enjoyed was a Stevie Wonder song called “All is Fair in Love”.

This kind of publicity is exactly what The Shadowboxers need in order to catapult themselves into popularity.  Their talent has been certainly recognized by fans as their “Cover Tuesdays” have found their way to musical icons such as Justin Timberlake.

All in all, if you like alternative rock check out the album Red Room.  I rarely advocate for specific new bands, but I’m taking a chance on this one and I doubt that you will be disappointed.