“Company” Performed by Bucknell Opera Company


[Image soure:  amazon.com] Recently, the Bucknell Opera Company performed the Broadway musical “Company” written by Stephan Sondheim and it was quite a success! Recently revived in 2011 by the New York Philharmonic Concert, “Company” has been a hit ever since it was created in 1970. The show wasn’t what you’d expect when signing up to see an Opera Company perform, but it was a pleasant surprise and a fantastic show. Bucknell’s Opera Company has gained particular acclaim for innovative productions of significant contemporary American works, seen last year in their rendition of “Hansel and Gretel” and this year with their performance of “Company”.  It’s safe to say that most of their performances have their own twist, bringing what they learn in their well-rounded liberal-arts education to shows that have otherwise been standardized. The show was witty, funny, and outright entertaining.

Check out the opening of the show with the New York Philharmonic:


The plot followed a 30-year old man living in New York City trying to grasp an understanding of marriage and whether he wanted to be apart of it. He struggles through relationships and lack there of, constantly receiving feedback form his already married friends. Through his friends, he see’s every aspect of marriage, and also its discontents. Each character had their own flare and the performers in the Opera Company did an amazing job of embodying the different roles. I left the show feeling like every person on stage was born to play his or her part.

Knowing a few members of the cast myself, I know the immense preparation and hard work that went into this show, working late nights up to two weeks before the concert. Well I will be the first to say that this preparation definitely paid off. I was completely drawn into the main character Bobby, played by Bucknell’s own Tim Lambert.  Of course, I was also totally amused by all of the supporting characters. The show was full of laughs and fun, but held a certain relatability that kept the audience sympathizing with many of the characters. Overall, this performance was a huge success and I am excited to see what they come up with for the spring semester.

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