Cage the Elephant in Central Park


On May 16th and 17th, Cage the Elephant performed in Central Park at the Summerstage. I had never seen a concert at the Summerstage before and this concert was an amazing first experience. The opening band was Portugal the Man, a band with very chill and laid back vibes. Before Cage the Elephant even came on, I could feel the energy in the air. Wide smiles spanned the crowd as fans inched closer to the stage. Although I expected the energy to fade throughout the concert, it grew and the band really connected with it. A couple of the songs that were very well executed include “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and “Cigarette Daydreams”. Towards the end of the set, when singer Matt Shultz hit the first note of "Trouble", the crowded settled down, slowly danced, and absorbed the pulse of the well-known song.

The way that Shultz connected with the audience struck me as particularly unique. I found that the relatively small venue also fostered this connection. Shultz was constantly moving around, and at one point came off the stage onto the ground. Since the stage was fairly wide it was easy to get a close glimpse of him in action. I noticed that his trick to keeping the audience engaged was his spurts of contagious high energy and dancing. Right when I thought a song was getting a little slow, he introduced a cool dance move or made sure to keep the energy high.

I really do believe that hearing Cage the Elephant live led me to a new appreciation for their music. Watching and hearing all the energy that goes into even softer, slower songs has allowed me to appreciate the dynamics. If you think you might want to go see Cage the Elephant, I would definitely suggest going for it.

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