Concert Review: Palindrome Productions presents Buku and Jaykode @ The Leonard Theater


The Palindrome Productions team spared no expense in hosting a nightlong banger themed “The Road to Camp Bisco” filled with heavy Bass, bright lights, and endless dancing on Saturday Feb. 11th 2017. Artists DJ Knowledge, Manamiz, ZIB, and GvO started the night, and built up the crowds and energy in the open-aired Leonard Theater (of Scranton, PA) until producers Jaykode and Buku each took the stage and swept the crowds with an intensity that carried over for hours into the private afterparty.  

Each successive artist to take the stage shot off tracks and remixes that rocked the crowd to a different vibe, with each artist focusing on different subgenres of the EDM super-umbrella. From crunchy Dubstep to heady Techno-House, all the DJs found common ground in their abilities to seamlessly mix across genres to create an almost seamless 6-hour event.


The dance floor was filled with every conceivable combination of blinking, flashing, pulsating, and glowing lights; all concertgoers adorned glow sticks, and some even carried around lit gloves and styrofoam batons, which became innovative performance accessories in their own rite.


Buku, Jaykode, and the artists making up the Palindrome team built an atmosphere of unity and friendliness in the venue, as audience members freely took the stage and partied alongside the entertainers. Having been on behind and on-stage, I believe that this crew has got their flow locked down; they ran a tight ship that was simultaneously warm and welcoming -- a true testament to their talents as individuals and their faith in one another as a group. Palindrome Productions is making moves to spread their reach and sound, and you can find more about them on instagram @palindromesounds. Buku is on tour and making a run at popular festival Mysteryland (at Woodstock). Jaykode is on tour, set to perform with some big names in EDM like Gent & Jawns.

What We ThinkMorgan Klein