Concert Review: The Killers Kill it at Madison Square Garden


After many months of much anticipated waiting for a reschedule concert, originally supposed to be held in early December, on May 14th I eagerly attended The Killer’s performance at Madison Square Garden. For any of those who have been to a concert at the Garden, you’ll know it’s a whirl of organized chaos between an anxious crowd and ever so determined ushers. But after my climb up Everest, also known as section 210, I took my seat among a surprisingly older crowd (let’s place them at an average of late 40’s).

With some train confusion and navigation mayhem, I was only able to make it to the last IMG_0433song of the opening act, The Virgins. Thanks to Spotify, I was familiar with the band, however this was a giant let down; the original December concert, which had to be postponed due to Brandon Flower’s laryngitis, was supposed to feature Tegan and Sara who unfortunately are now on tour with Fun. But you take what you can get, and The Virgins played a spunky final song, although as with any opener, their sound levels were a little too loud for my liking.

Finally The Killers paraded out on stage and opened with the great classic Mr. Brightside. Throughout the show, frontman Brandon Flowers interacted much more with the audience than he ever has before, a pleasant surprise creating an intimate feeling in a room of thousands. Surprisingly, the concert consisted mainly of songs from previous albums as opposed to newly released Battle Born, but for the tough New York crowd, I think this was a smart move- stick to the classics, play what the people like!

Much in Killers’ fashion, the band also performed surprise song covers. Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now was simply wonderful, being one of my favorite 80’s pop songs and Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York was more than appropriate considering our location.IMG_0412(1)

Throughout the entire set, the band was high energy, making use of   the whole stage and exciting to watch. Constantly holding the microphone out, encouraging the audience to sing along and even walking as close as he could to them, Brandon kept everyone on their tose, never allowing a dull moment.

Overall I give the performance an A+. Despite minor lyric mess-ups and missed beats, the show was incredibly more audience friendly and interactive, making the evening beyond enjoyable. You just can’t go wrong with a performance by The Killers.