CV August Playlist


Happy August! The first day of classes is only eighteen days away, and as excited as I am to get back to campus I'm not quite ready to give up on summer yet! This month is all about relaxing at the pool and catching up with old friends before we go back to our respective campuses in a few short weeks. If you're trying to hold onto the summer vibes, consider some new music (like our August Playlist!). Here's what our staff has been loving recently:

Laur is obsessed with “Rising Water” by James Vincent McMorrow:

I'm convinced that James Vincent McMorrow can do no wrong, and his latest single is no exception. This one's definitely more pop-leaning than the rest of his releases, but that makes it all the more perfect as a late summer jam.

Nick’s pick is “Cactus Romantic” by Queen Moo:

I can't quite explain what this band sounds like or even compare them to another band I'm familiar with, but I really dig their sound. They juxtapose a mellow, soft surf-rock vibe with an odd rock and roll fusion sound that's absolutely killer. Definitely give this track a listen. It's definitely odd, I won't deny that, but I can dig it.

Troy is feeling the groove with “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock:

Herbie Hancock. Watermelon Man. Coming at you hard with some crazy vibes. The way the intro starts grooving is super unique and then the bass and drums begin to bleed in. The song is built up off these unique sounds, and then the key guitar riff comes in. We quickly find ourselves jamming with the synthesizer and sax playing off each other. Oftentimes in jazz, you'll find a track where certain instruments are overshadowed by others, but what I really love about this track is how easy it is to listen to any given instrument. The bass, the synths, the sax, the drums - anything.

Morgan is loving “Perfect” by Bibi Bourelly and Earl St. Clair:

I'm a sucker for a great bassline and horns, what else can I say?

Joe E. is embracing summer with “A More Perfect Union” by Titus Andronicus:

As we're approaching the end of summer vacation, we don't have much time left to truly grasp the romantic American dream of being young and free. Titus Andronicus's "A More Perfect Union" embraces the idea of being wild and youthful, and listening to this track inspires me to go on random adventures, disregard all responsibility, and live in the moment.

Staci can’t stop listening to “She Belongs to Me” by Bob Dylan:

I'm a HUGE Bob Dylan fan but I somehow haven't taken the time to really listen to this track, or the rest of its accompanying album Bringing it all Back Home.  I really fell in love with the track's characteristically Dylan blues form and folk influence.

Mike’s summer soundtrack is “Gaims” by Kamau:

Kamau is a new artist and his song “Gaims” off of his A Gorgeous Fortune EP has definitely been my song of the summer.

Tyler is jamming to “Ojuelegba” by Wizkid:

Fun, danceable African song. It's a hit within African-American community here in the US and all over the world, and it's unlike anything on the American charts right now. Give it a listen!

Check out these tunes and some of our other monthly picks on our Spotify, and let us know what you’re listening to this month!