CV July Playlist


School’s out but Campus Vinyl is still in session - our journalists have been having eventful summers, and we’ve listened to sick tunes and seen can’t-miss live shows along the way. We can’t wait to share some music news with you, and we’re kicking the month off with our July Playlist! If your summer playlists are in need of a little TLC, check out our picks below: Troy is digging “Spiritual State” by Nujabes ft. Usama Hiroto:

There's something hypnotic about the way Nujabes blends sounds together; Japanese producer, composer, and DJ, Jun Seba (Nujabes) was very well known for his artistic blend of jazz and hip hop. While this is something that has been done before by plenty of artists - A Tribe Called Quest or Jazz Liberators to name a few - Nujabes is easily identifiable by his unique style, mainly present with his piano parts. This song isn't a hip hop track, but it embodies the artist’s relaxing, happy style. The repetitive clapping, along with the lofty piano, saxophone, and subtle bass all work together to create a very buoyant feel. It's the perfect track for these cool summer nights. Unfortunately, Seba died in a traffic accident in 2010, but he certainly lives on through his music.

Jason’s pick is “In Bloom” by Sturgill Simpson:

Sturgill Simpson's new album is a genre bender, fusing elements of jazz, soul, and his country roots. This cover of “In Bloom” by Nirvana is such a risky song for a rising big band country group to cover, both because of the difference between grunge and country as well as the traditionally un-country message.

Laur is loving “Satellite” by Sara Hartman:

Ever since hearing Hartman’s first single “Monster Lead Me Home”, I’ve been hooked on her sound. Much like Sara Bareilles (another favorite Sara of mine), Hartman balances strong vocals with indie-pop instrumentation and lyrics that are both emotional and utterly relatable. Recent track "Satellite" is perhaps her best yet - I can't wait to see what she does next!

Tyler is into “Il messia” by Salmo (ft. Travis Barker):

Salmo spits a viciously hard verse in Italian without breaking his percussive flow even once. This is a killer track, and the drums by Travis Barker of Blink-182 only serve to amp up the feel. Enjoy, amici.

Mike can’t stop listening to “Shotgun” by Gallant:

I have had Gallant's new album Ology on repeat for the past week, and "Shotgun" is one of my favorites. Though he’s new to the industry, Gallant proves to have a promising future with his prolific songwriting and distinct voice.

Nick has “Long Black Veil” by Dave Matthews Band on repeat:

I've been on a huge Dave Matthews Band kick as of late after seeing him in concert a few weekends ago and this song is simply excellent. It's a cover but DMB does a stellar job of putting a nice jam band spin on the tune. Lay back and let the track play.

Morgan is vibing to “You Didn’t Need My Love” by Anders:

Summer is a time for lots of late, starry nights and early sunrise mornings and this song is perfect for both!

Joe is looking forward to the new Taking Back Sunday album because of “Tidal Wave”:

The band just officially announced the release of their next LP Tidal Wave, due out September 16 via Hopeless Records. This song and supposedly the rest of the album have an Americana influence, making it different from anything the band has released in the past.

Staci loves “All the Time” by Bahamas:

Ever since this song came out I have loved it.  Its smooth sound is perfect for sunny days of summer!

What have you been listening to this month? Should we add it to our playlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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