CV June Playlist


So we took last month off, sue us, hey exams were hard on everyone.  But we are back now, better than ever, and fully rested (after some much needed cat naps in the sun).  Here is our June playlist complete with some summer anthems, perfect driving songs, and plenty more so slather on the sunscreen, throw on your sunnies, and let us be the soundtrack of your summer (not sorry). Mike is listening to “Mind” by Skrillex & Diplo (feat. Kai).

Off of their album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, the two DJs collaborate with Canadian singer Kai for "Mind." The combination of vocals from Skrillex and Kai makes for a great song - perfect to get the night started.

Marcus is relaxing with “Purple” by Fatai.

Fatai hits it out of the park on this one. Even if you were to put the very intimate lyricism aside, the music is passionate and has a depth to it. The vocals cover a massive range and serve to make this song an emotional experience.

Ryan can’t get enough of “Wiseman” by Slightly Stoopid.

This song is a perfect summer jam for that long drive home from school or when you’re just enjoying those warm spring and summer nights.

Troy is vibing to “Human Contact (French Horn Rebellion Remix)” by Catey Shaw.

Nothing better than ending the year with some good vibes. Catey Shaw's song “Human Contact” has a happy feel that's perfect for chilling out all summer. French Horn Rebellion's remix adds on a lot to the song and spins it for more of a funky tune. Both are perfect for summer mixes!

Laur is rocking out to “Closed Hand, Full of Friends” by Foy Vance.

I've been on a Foy Vance kick ever since I found out his new album, The Wild Swan, was being released in May. This track from his prior album is one of my favorites - it’s full of heart, and the driving piano beat is a great complement to summer adventures.

Morgan is listening to “Yalla” by Inna.

If you’re anything like me, your May was spent napping, reading outside, and getting some necessary Vitamin D; thus, by the time June comes around, you are more than ready to start taking your friends up on all of those invites. Inna has mastered the formula for the perfect summer party anthem, check it out to see if you agree!

What are you listening to as you kick off your summer? Let us know in the comments below!