CV November Playlist


We can’t believe it but November is upon us!  The trees are bare yet temperatures are unusually high.  Our workload has picked up exponentially and everyone is getting ready to take a break for an unprecedented 10 days!  As we near Thanksgiving, everyone at CV has been feeling grateful for all of the wonderful music in our lives.  Check out the tracks we have on repeat this month below! Personally, I’ve been channeling the 60’s with Tim Buckley’s “Song To The Siren”.

Tim Buckley is one of the great rock vocalists of the 1960s.  My favorite track, “Song To The Siren” epitomizes his folk influences and demonstrates his ability to be emotionally expressive and tender through both his lyricism and euphony.


Laura is throwing it back with “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey.

It's certainly a throwback, but it's one of the best. Music these days doesn't get much better than ‘90s Mariah, despite her recent fail at Rockefeller Center. It's okay, Mariah, we still love you.


“The Saw is the Law” by Whitechapel has Ryan impressed.

This song is a perfect example of Whitechapel stepping out of their deathcore origins and succeeding. The guitar riff is amazing, Phil Bozeman is on the top of his game, the band shows that they are more of a unit than ever before. The songs been stuck in my head for weeks now.


Shira is relaxing with Half Moon Run’s “Turn Your Love”.

My song for November is "Turn Your Love" by Half Moon Run. This song makes me feel light and free, unwilling to succumb to the stress that the end of the semester brings with it.


Justin is feeling calm with Tropic of Cancer’s “Panda Bear”.

I first listened to this song when Panda Bear released his new album, "Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper", in January of last year. The calm and almost heavenly sound of the song belies the much more serious and personal lyrics. It's one of my favorite songs to relax to -- and sometimes when I'm not in the best mood, either.


Laur loves Milo Greene’s classic “1957”.

Although I love their newer music, nothing quite compares to Milo Greene's first single. This song is incredible - at first listen it seems lowkey, but the percussive drive and emotionally driven lyrics never fail to hit me right in the feels.


Morgan is unplugging with “Be My Own” by Del Water Gap.

My November song is "Be My Own" off of Del Water Gap's 2014 EP "Sleeping".  I love the unplugged feeling of just vocals and guitar.  Such a sweet sense of longing... This song is the perfect company for these November rains.


“The Prophet” by Slightly Stoopid had Joseph thinking summery thoughts.

Just as it starts to get cold, rainy, and dreary here in Lewisburg, take a minute to listen to The Prophet by Slightly Stoopid to feel the sunshiney days of summer again!