CV September Playlist


The nights are getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and Fall Fest was last weekend.  September is finally upon us.  We hope you enjoy this playlist of Campus Vinyl’s September picks! Laur is holding onto summer with Pierre by Ryn Weaver

I've been obsessed with this song from Ryn Weaver's first LP since its release in June. Its super-catchy pop melody has been a great transitional soundtrack between my summer road trip adventures and getting back into the swing of classes. I'm a huge fan of the acoustic version (see below):

Justin is rocking out to Crossroads (as performed live by) Cream, 1968

Cream is one of my favorite and most influential bands. This was the band that made Eric Clapton world-famous and known as one of the best guitarists out there. This song in particular cemented his legacy as a master of improvisation and of the guitar in general. Just take a listen to his two searing solos and you'll know what I mean. (His singing on this track isn't half bad, either. And Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, on the bass and drums respectively, are also pretty fantastic.) This song is great for any time of the year when I just want to listen to a great rockin' tune.

Morgan is taking a breather with One More Cup of Coffee by Bob Dylan

I’ve been feeling extra thoughtful recently and I always turn to Bob Dylan to help me sort out my thoughts.  It’s perfect for those end-of-summer blues.

Ryan can’t get enough of Cirice by Ghost

Ghost is back and better than ever! The single of their new album Meliora opens with a haunting acoustic guitar line that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.  Later, distorted electric guitars come in with the rest of the band to really add the punctuation. The main riff delivers some great, punchy crunch, and Papa Emeritus III does not disappoint with his vocals.  Overall the song shows that Ghost is just getting better album by album.

Jason is winding down to "Flume" by Bon Iver

Autumn is approaching, and that means more folk and indie will be on my Spotify. Here's some Bon Iver to get you ready for flannel season.

Shira can’t stop listening to "Love Myself" - Hailee Steinfeld

My September anthem is none other than the super-catchy and uplifting "Love Myself" by Hailee Steinfeld. This song could not be any more fitting for the month, as September naturally brings with it so many new changes and surprises. Warning: you won't be able to stop yourself from listening to it on repeat and feel like Wonder Woman every single time.

Joseph is listening to Excursions by A Tribe Called Quest

If you’re anything like me, you put your music on shuffle and skip a bunch of songs until you find what you wanted to listen to all along. Despite this quirky habit, A Tribe Called Quest’s “Excursions” is a song that I never skip—I can always find a place for it regardless of how I feel or what I’m doing. This is a song that makes you feel super cool when doing homework, working out, out on the town, or doing whatever to start your year off on the right foot. A few words to summarize: four minutes of infinite swagger.

Fuzzy is dancing to Nobody Has To Know ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Major Lazer and KickRaux Remix) by KraniumSong

This song keeps me dancing and keep things flavorful with its Caribbean influenced sounds!

Staci is impressed with I'm Yours by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara's smooth R&B sound first caught my attention with her song "Here."  Her most recent EP definitely lives up to the hype I had given it.  My favorite off of the album is definitely I'm Yours, a catchy, well crafted tune.

Tyler D is feeling nostalgic with Christ Conscious by Joey Bada$$

I can’t listen to this song without reliving the curiosity and awe I felt when I spun this record, bought on a whim at Rough Trade record store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, for the first time on my Stanton turntable back at home. The head nod was automatic as soon as the beat dropped; the fat kick drum was the pulse of the city that had been and will always be my home. Joey Bada$$ keeps it real with this track, spitting a bouncy yet aggressive flow that so many rappers aim to perfect, and, at 20 years old, this is only the beginning of his already notable career. Enjoy this track, and give the rest of the album a listen!

Ryan G. is taking it easy with Photograph by Ed Sheeran

The reason why Photograph by Ed Sheeran is my song of the month is because of how it’s a calm relaxing song that carries a strong meaning through its lyrics. With his beautiful acoustic riffs Sheeran paints a picture alongside his lyrics of memories and sometimes love lost, but within this melancholy sorrow is also hope for the future. Out of my friends who enjoy listening to this song each person has a different interpretation to it. For some it’s thinking of their childhood, their family, sometimes even their significant others. While this song may be a flash in the pan on the radio right now, I can see it being in my playlist for awhile due to the scope and emotion that Sheeran is able to encapsulate in those few minutes.