CVBU Writer Turns Down for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s New Music Video


Most of us have heard the song by now, and I’m willing to venture a guess and say a large majority of us have been guilty of using the following phrase: “Turn down for [insert thing you are actually willing to turn down for].”  No doubt it’s an awesome, catchy, raging song.  Within the first twenty seconds you’re likely to find yourself obligatorily twerking on a wall, or, as the new music video would suggest, falling through the roof of a building and then wall-twerking. Yes, if you haven’t seen it yet, that is what happens at 0:20 of the newly released music video for DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”  The music video symbolizes the meaning of the song, which is described by Taylor from as such: “I think these lyrics are talking about his wife, whom he is truly in love with, but doesn’t know how to explain it to her.”  Very well said, Taylor.

But actually, the music video matches the song in that it literally makes just about no sense at all.  So, after the dude falls through the roof and scares some poor lady half-to-death, he eventually converts her to his side with some super-sensual dances moves.  (But not before literally melting a cop’s face off through the telephone and dry-humping the apartment lady’s clothes off.)  At which point (1:18 in the video) the lady cannonballs the dude’s face and they both end up falling through the floor into another family’s dining room.

The family, initially and rightfully terrified, quickly catches on when the mother’s enormous breasts begin to move to the beat of the song.  By 2:00 the entire family (now a total of 5 people) is turning down for what.  Then, at 2:17, we get one more fall through the floor.  This time we see each person - one-by-one - falling through the ceiling of an apartment of mostly twenty-somethings who were apparently already turning down for what.

Their party is briefly interrupted because, I mean, 5 people just fell through your ceiling – that shit doesn’t happen every day (unless your life is a Lil Jon music video).

But alas, and as expected, the party resumes at about 2:25.  We then get about 20 seconds of an epic, Project-X-like apartment party that reminds me a little bit of a fraternity register (with less natty, of course).  A cop rolls up at 2:45, and is confronted by the mother with the huge, dancing breasts.  Naturally, he is immediately entranced by the spectacle and the party continues until about 3:20, at which point we are given a 180-degree view of the apartment.

We are left with the image of about a dozen people passed out all over each other in some of the most contorted positions.  The final image: the snake (or whatever you wanna call it) in the original dude’s pants is still moving to the beat of the song.  Overall, a fairly disturbing, yet entertaining video.  I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

Perhaps some of the top comments on Youtube make for a great, one-sentence review of the video:


It truly is a work of art, erthaa.  Check out the actual video below to see what all the hype is about!