CV's Music for March


Did you know that the name March comes from Latin Martius, the first month in the earliest Roman calendar?March 13th is World Kidney Day? March 14th is Save a Spider Day? While maybe a handful you might've known those cool March facts, I bet you didn't know that March is national "Music in our Schools" month! To keep music in our school here at Bucknell, Campus Vinyl has come together again to produce a playlist for the month of March.

Annie Dempsey chooses “Hard Times” by Griz

I love Griz. He is a crossbreed of various influences like trance-dubsteppy Infected Mushroom and jazz-foundational Bernhoft. He brings something entirely new to the dub-step-trance scene in that while Dj-ing, he plays the saxophone. His pandora station is a go to for productive studying.


Zac Westdyke is loving “Dreams” by Wet

This is very different from my usual style (I was torn between this and a hard-hitting remix of Just Blaze and Baauer's "Higher"), but I decided to go with the song "Dreams" from Wet's new EP to mix things up.  It's got super chilled-out vibes and an almost hypnotizing feel to it.  Wet recently signed onto Neon Gold Records, so they are definitely on the rise!


Justin Westdyke digs "Family Wall" by Talain Rain

I stumbled on this band on Spotify the other day and their sound totally caught me. Their song "Family Wall" just has such a cool, smooth, and sweet vibe to it and I am absolutely hooked! They utilize such a tasteful amount of keyboard and it adds such a chill dimension to their sound.


Morgan Klein suggests “Surrender” by Pilgrim

I'm really into this right now because I can't help but think that it's the perfect start-to-spring song.  It's so easy to imagine sitting on the deck with a chilly lemonade and some shades taking in the rays.  I'm loving it!


Caroline Carey loves “Free feat. Emeli Sande” by Rudimental 

Rudimental was launched into the international spotlight last year with the success of their hit song "Feel the Love". The electronic, London-based band is at it again with "Free". Featuring the talented Emeli Sande, whose own song next to me was one of my summer favorites, the album is catchy, highlighting Sande's smooth vocals over Rudimental's catchy beat. Enjoy what is sure to become a big hit in the upcoming weeks.


Brianna Marshall picks "Seaside" by The Kooks

I absolutely love The Kooks and British indie rock in general.  I am always caught up in the soulful vocals and coastline location of “Seaside” and this short song leaves me wanting more.


Connor Small digs “Spring to Come” by John Butler Trio

I've been jamming to this song a lot lately. It has breezy guitar and subtly pulsing drums, while John Butler sings in a really relaxed way that makes me excited for spring.


Marcus Schenck suggests "I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else" by A Great Big World

It seems pretty hard for A Great Big World not to tug at your heartstrings, especially on this track. It's so vulnerable and understated. And the strings and their voices together... shivers for days.


Nick Bartek chooses “Go Easy” by The Guru  

This band is based out of my home state of Connecticut and they have a sound that isn’t like any other band I have ever heard. The lead singer, who happens to also be the drummer has a very unique and distinctive voice that meshes with the smooth saxophone accents and melodic guitar rifts. As a whole ,this band produces an extremely sound for chilling out and pumping out some homework.


Louise Peterson is into "Thunder Clatter" by Wild Cub

Wild Cub is one of the leading artists in this new genre that I like to call "Alternative Pop". Not only is this song as catchy and uplifting as your average top 40 choice, but it maintains that alternative edge with the vocals and guitar riffs.


Jack Dealtry loves “Doin’ Time” by Sublime

I think sometimes people lose sight of what they should be listening to during the upcoming spring season.  Maybe this song will remind you what its like to sit on your back porch in the sun.  Maybe it won't.  But it will remind you of warm weather during the summer time.  And theres much more where that came from.


Laura Yoo suggests 3LAU HAUS #22: March Mayhem

3lau's latest mix, entitled 3LAU HAUS #22 (March Mayhem), is one of my favorite sets released by this talented DJ yet.  It opens with an EDM spin on Bastille's "Pompeii," and moves through everything from feel-good house music to some chiller trap - be warned, you will find yourself dancing to this one!

Jen Lassen’s first choice is "Blue Moon" by Beck

Beck's latest single "Blue Moon" features light acoustics and an airy melody. This song is the perfect tune to play for getting into a springtime mood.


Jason is into "Break the Bank" by Schoolboy Q

It is an ode to the great 90's hip hop jams.


Andrew Kilman suggests “Tammy's Song (Her Evils)” by Kendrick Lamar  

...epitomizes Kendrick's authentic and tangible lyrical style. In this song he discuss real-life issues such as Domestic Violence and being a single mother in the ghetto. Kendrick draws the inspiration for this song from his own experiences while living as a teen in Compton, LA. Kendrick's mixtape, Section 80 is pure genius; I recommend it to any non-believer of hip-hop.


Jordan Peskin picks “Love is All” by The Tallest Man on Earth 

Great song to relax to and the lyrics along with the guitar are simple yet catchy. Basically all you can ask for in a song.