Daft Punk Announces Release Date of New Album


About two weeks ago, on Tuesday March 23rd, French artist Daft Punk announced the release of their new album, Random Access Memories. The duo, known for their remarkably catchy robotic-disco dance tracks, released a 15-second glimpse into one of the album’s tracks, “Get Lucky,” during a Saturday Night Live advertisement on March 2nd. Needless to say, we’re all excited- and Daft Punk is very well aware of that (it would not be surprising to see more previews of bits and pieces of some of their upcoming tracks off the album in the next two months leading up to the release).

Unfortunately for us, Random Access Memories isn’t set to drop in The U.S. until May 31st. (For those of you who happen to still be abroad somewhere in the U.K. by then, you can snag the album a day earlier, on the 30th). In the meantime, you can head over to Daft Punk’s iTunes account ($11.99) or their online merchandise store ($12.98) and pre-order the album. If you’re really into Daft Punk, their online store offers a $40 vinyl gatefold edition of the album, as well as a digital download (here at Campus Vinyl BucknellU we understand that sometimes a standard CD just isn’t enough).


For those of you who are not yet familiar with Daft Punk, well, you have until May 31st. With songs that range from dance to pop to funk to rock and transcend every boundary in between, even the most stubborn listener can find some Daft Punk they enjoy. What’s even more interesting about this particular album release is that it will be their first full-length put out under their newly-signed Columbia Records label.

For a better understanding of what the duo is all about, check out this Spotify playlist, which should highlight the breadth of variety Daft Punk’s repertoire contains.

Sounds like: a recording of what happens when a Elton John mixtape, a Wild Cherry album, a 90s acid house compilation, and the French EDM genre get thrown together in a blender. (Basically, if you haven’t already, you just need to hear them for yourself).

So, to recap: May 31st; Daft Punk; new full-length album, called Random Access Memories.

Random Access Memories Daft Punk