Dance Gavin Dance Announces Release Date of New Album, Instant Gratification


[Image source:] On Saturday, February 7th, Dance Gavin Dance announced the official release date of their new album, Instant Gratification, and opened it up for pre-order. The release date is set for March 14th, but my eyes are open for any possible leaks that might turn up along the way! The long-awaited album has thus far been accompanied by two singles, both of which are absolutely stellar songs, and very indicative of the direction Dance Gavin Dance is heading with their music.

After losing their initial lead vocalist, Jonny Craig after their second to last album release in 2011, Downtown Battle Mountain II, the progression and fate of DGD was fairly unclear. They picked up current vocalist, Tilian Pearson, and released their most recent album in 2013, Acceptance Speech, to a fan base with very baited breath. Tilian’s first album was received surprisingly well; DGD fans are known particularly well for being hypersensitive to anything the band puts out that doesn’t have Jonny Craig’s vocals behind it, unfortunately. Personally, I think their music just keeps getting better and better with each release (with some minor exceptions, but that’s for a different article). The point is, Tilian had one album to set the tone for the band and its fans, and now that he’s already got our attention it’ll be interesting to see how he shows us why he deserves to be the singing indefinitely.


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As for the new album, months ago DGD released the first single, “Pussy Vultures”. An awesome, five-and-a-half minute long relatively tame song, “Pussy Vultures” sets up the new album to have an incredibly pure production sound and a classically complex instrumentation. With creatively wild and experimental guitar licks and equally as choppy and unpredictable drums, the DGD sound that we’ve come to know and love from day one is certainly still present with this slightly updated line-up.

Much more recently DGD released a second track off the album, “On the Run”. On my first couple listens I was a little less impressed by this track than I was by “Pussy Vultures”. The sound was just a little more abrasive than “Pussy Vultures”, and the production quality was left a little more raw. But after giving it some more time and its fair chance, something in me clicked while I was listening to the track while driving somewhere, and I realized how f*cking awesome it was. Maintain some similar elements from many of the tracks on their previous release, Acceptance Speech, but still possessing a little something different, “On the Run” is a very promising second-release track for DGD’s new album in my opinion. Staying true to DGD’s slightly bizarre, easily misunderstood but still slightly comprehensible lyrical style, both “Pussy Vultures” and “On the Run” are exquisite songs in their own rights.

All things considered, I’m not sure there’s another band in the world I am ever more excited about when I hear they are releasing a new album. The way Dance Gavin Dance constructs their songs is just an absolutely pure form of art, and their way of effortlessly combining the most sonically divergent instrument parts ensures that anything they release will be new, interesting, and catchy. You can pre-order Instant Gratification here, and pick up any other DGD merch you may want!

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