Dave Matthews Band Concert Review


I’ve never been a fan of The Dave Matthews Band. I recognized that they were a successful band with a good sound, but their music has never surprised me or really caught my ear. I don’t know how I ended up at their concert in Cincinnati at the beginning of summer, and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. With all that being said, I was very pleasantly surprised. The band was actually enjoyable to watch. Not only was the music good, but also the musicians were talented. Boyd Tinsley played the violin, Carter Beauford drummed, Dave Matthews of course sang and played guitar, and then Rashawn Ross played the trumpet. The members of the band interacted with each other throughout the show, and as a result, their solos and overall balance of sound was fantastic.



An issue that popular bands run into is that the singer tends to be emphasized over all the other members, and even though the band is named after Dave Matthews, there was never any time in the performance where Matthews played or sang over the other musicians. In fact, it seemed to me as if the other musicians actually had more solo time than Matthews actually did, and he let them get the entire spotlight. Specifically in Tinsley’s case, he played a 10-minute solo during which he switched spots with Matthews. This put Tinsley in center stage at the front. Not only was the notion nice, but also it wasn’t out of pity; Tinsley’s solo was incredible. In fact, the show was filled with incredible solos from every member of the band.



There were awkward pauses in between songs where all the lights would go down and instruments would be changed very quickly, but often, Matthews would bring his quirky personality to the microphone and say something or comment on the concert.



Overall, I was very pleased with the whole concert. The music, mixing, and lights were fantastic. Not only that, but the interaction among the musicians was entertaining to watch and it actually looked like they were having fun on stage. If given the opportunity, I would love to see the band again.

Image via tickethub.com.