The Decemberists' Upcoming Album Release


For the first time in four years, since the release of their last album, The King is Dead, The Decemberists have announced their newest project, What a Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, set for release January 20, 2015.  The announcement first came when lead singer Colin Meloy began street busking in New York to build the album’s anticipation, a pretty cool tactic if you ask me. Check out Meloy playing one of the album’s newest tracks, “Lake Song” here: 


You can expect 14 new songs filled with the classic Decemberists’ style, a collaboration of drums, guitar, banjo and more, all seemingly sprouted from some sort of alternate period of time, a simpler era of frontier and settlement, yet still addressing modern day issues. Questionable, yes, but its the sound which gives The Decemberists their unique vibe, occupying and creating a genre all their own.

Slowly but surely the band continues more and more information and teasers about the album on their website where you can find a complete track listing as well as upcoming tour dates (convenient if you’re spending your spring in the UK).

But perhaps the most exciting development has been their music video release for “Make You Better” featuring Nick Offerman, which certainly is interesting in its own right. 


So keep an eye out for this new release which surely won’t be a disappointment to loyal Decemberists listeners and may even captivate some new ones.

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