Despite the Name, Hopeless Records is Making Big Moves


For some time, Hopeless Records  has been the label behind some totally successful pop punk, alternative rock, and post-hardcore bands. Founded in 1993 by Louis Posen, they have been consistently increasing their repertoire with some big names like Yellowcard, All Time Low, and The Used.

What is so unique about Hopeless, though, is that Hopeless Records is just one of those labels that has a knack for picking up some of those incredibly talented, lesser-known bands in addition to the more well-established ones. Up-and-coming punk rock bands such as The Wonder Years and Neck Deep have really found their niche within Hopeless Records and the label has served as an incredible setting to allow artists to grow, develop, and experiment with their music. Check out “There, There”, one of The Wonder Years’ hit songs!


Another quality that I personally love so much about Hopeless Records is the reach and diversity of genres that it signs. As mentioned above, they sign some of the grittier punk rock bands, but Hopeless also signs on some more poppier bands link For the Foxes and All Time Low. To add to this already eclectic mix, keep searching and soon you will find some post-hardcore or even metal bands like Silverstein or Enter Shikari. Check out “Stand Amid the Roar”, one of my favorite songs off of Silverstein’s new album under Hopeless!

Personally, this label taps into just about every single one of my rock-related musical interests, and it’s always a very refreshing reprieve from the top-40 music that is constantly on repeat throughout the music scene. If you have never really given this type of music a chance, I encourage you to check it out—and a good place to start is with one of Hopeless Record’s compilation albums. They release one every year, under their Take Action Tour. The Take Action tour is a benefit concert series sponsored by Hopeless Records in order to raise money and awareness for over 50 non-profit organizations they choose to support. They release their compilation CD, “Take Action!,” which is a mix of different unsigned punk rock bands—if you’re a person who is into finding the newest and freshest artists, the Take Action! Compilation albums are an awesome resource to utilize!


By and large, my favorite aspect of Hopeless Records is their ability to mix such a wide variety of artists under the same label, in such a way that is mutually beneficial for the artists and the integrity of the label. Keep an eye out for Hopeless and the bands they sign, because they are on the rise and are taking over a larger portion of the music industry.

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