Devon Gorman: Senior Music & IR Major

Ever seen to a flute concert live? Here's your chance: Devon Gorman '13 has her senior recital this weekend.  The recital will take place this Saturday, at 7:30pm, in the recital hall in the back of the music building. If you've never been, its a perfect venue for a concert, and the Bucknell Opera Company regularly puts on shows there.  Her recital will feature some diverse pieces, which, in the flute repertoire, are not the standard Bach or Mozart pieces one might expect.  Given this, it is safe to say that this is a great opportunity to be exposed to some new musical pieces and styles.  She is most excited about two pieces in the recital, one featuring Daniele Gold's voice, and another with Doug Bogan on piano and Ava Aufderhide on cello.
Though Gorman plays flute, it was not initially her first love.  When she first started playing music in the 4th grade, she wanted to be a drummer.  Some might find it ironic that she now plays flute, an instrument that is definitely softer than drums, but Gorman says flute is an incredibly versatile instrument with a broad range. She will actually be playing an additional flute at the recital - an alto flute that is bound to be a new experience for many attendees. Devon now plays flute for several ensembles, including symphonic band, orchestra, and the flute choir, which has a studio recital on April 28th (more info to come). She enjoys playing classical music best, and specifically loves to play Baroque music because of its rhytmic, distinctive feel and the way it fits with piano. When she's not playing music, Devon mostly relaxes to country music, because she says that its enjoyable to sing along to.
Majoring in International Relations and Music, Gorman studied abroad in Vienna along with Daniele Gold (click here for CV's interview with Daniele).  Being in Vienna afforded her an incredible opportunity to diversify her musical interests and styles.  In Vienna, she says, she was able to play chamber music for the first time.
Devon has an interesting take on the Bucknell music scene. She really encourages students to go to performances, whether its a jazz band concert or a visiting performer at the Weiss Center, she says, "There's just so much talent here on campus, its pretty incredible. Everyone is so good, and it is just something different and alternative for people to do. And if people want to join an ensemble, definitely consider it!". Here at Campus Vinyl BucknellU, that sentiment is a major part of our mission, so, in sum: we couldn't agree more, Devon.
As an International Relations major, she is hoping to pursue a career in IR, although she is undecided about the direction she will take. However, she may be attending a master's program in IR at George Washington University. Despite these plans, she is still hoping to become involved in community bands and remain involved in the music scene wherever she may be.
So make time this Saturday to go see Devon's show! Again, it is in the recital hall in the music building at 7:30pm!