DJ MTK hits House Party


DJ MTK will be performing at Lambda on Friday, opening and closing for Mike Jones. MTK describes himself as a producer/performer/remixer and jumps around from genre to genre, mixing everything from house, trap, and hip-hop music to glitchhop, dirty trap, and many other underground genres of electronic music. MTK was born and raised in Richmond, VA, and began producing and creating his own music in 2009. His mission was to "change the monotony of electronic music by crossing genres, mashing expectation, and taking my own influences of organic roots to paint new emotions." MTK is very articulate in his musical creations, or, as he calls them, experiments. He overlays beats with dozens of one-shots, multiple layers of acapella vocal samples, and remixed beat loops. He completes his mixes with his custom effect templates while manipulating his music live with his custom controller. His articulation and precision is a gift and a curse to the artist. MTK is quoted "I would say that 95 percent of my music remains unreleased because in my eyes it's still just not quite ready yet. It drives my manager crazy."

His passion for experimentation and strive for musical perfection make him a perfect fit for house party weekend's repertoire. Be sure to catch both of his sets at Lambda's fraternity house, where he will be playing on Friday at 10pm and and midnight.  Be sure to check out his website links to his Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Check out his remix of DeadMau5's "Arguru", which is sure to please DeadMau5 fans, and his interpretation of Daft Punk's "One More Time", all available to stream and download at his soundcloud. For a preview of his soundcloud, check the embedded link below:

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