DJ NiteCrawler talks to Campus Vinyl BucknellU


Robert Owoyele ('13) took a break from his DJ NiteCrawler persona to give Campus Vinyl BucknellU the lowdown on his music career. Make sure to check out his show at the Sig Chi house from 10pm-2am Friday night.

I am from Arlington, TX.
When did you start djing?
I started Djing officially 2 years ago when I bought my first piece of DJ equipment. I have been into providing music for parties through iPods, CDs, etc. ever since the 8th grade. Every time someone threw a party I was the one to provide the music/playlist for the party. I would control the iPod and determine what song would play next. If that isn't the most basic form of deejaying, I don't know what is haha. I downloaded Virtual DJ Home my sophomore year on my laptop and starting toying around with the software. I instantly fell in love. Eager to jump into deejaying I bought some equipment and started teaching myself the basics of deejaying. I didn't have any friends that deejayed so I didn't have anyone to teach me. It was me and my equipment.
Favorite artists?
It depend on the genre of music I am listening to. I love all types of music. When it comes to Hip Hop my current favorites are Big Krit, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Young Jeezy. I have started getting more into EDM but don't too much have a favorite artist at the moment. I will listen to any and everyone but I definitely like the House, Dub and Trap subgenres of EDM. I'm not a big fan of techno. I like music that has a message so I listen to alot of 90s Hip Hop. Today's music is cool but there are only a few rappers who actually have a message in their music. I love Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott. They make music I can chill and vibe too when I don't feel like listening to fast paced music. I listen to alot of gospel music that I can clap my hands too. Church has always been a big part of my life. Lastly, The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff. People usually don't include DJs as artist but you would be surprised what some DJs can do with a mixer and turntables. Not only do they play music but create music also. Being knowledgable about all types of music sets your apart from other DJs. The ability to combine different genres into a mix is something a few DJs can do. I want to become that. I want to educate people through music.
Plans for future?
I will be moving to Washington DC to start working after I graduate. I plan to continue deejaying as I work. I know alot of deejays in the DC area who work and still deejay so this is definitely the plan. DC has a big nightlife with alot of young people who work and live in DC. I think this move will help propel my deejaying career
Performances outside of Bucknell?
I have done various performance back at home in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I have performed at house parties, clubs, bars, and lounges around Dallas and Arlington. I am also a part of an entertainment group called CTM and I am the official DJ for Nick Hustle (@NickHustle). We are currently working on our first mixtape together as we speak. I have also done various mixtapes that have been released on the internet and have a back to school mixtape series titled "Is It Summer Yet?" with different volumes. I am currently in the process of trying to join a big DJ coalition back at home and start my own coalition with a fellow DJ.


How long have you been with Sig Chi?
I started deejaying for Sig Chi this year. Unfortunately, Sig Chi was on social probation last year. Before Sig chi came back to campus I deejayed various events for the Black Student Union, Bucknell's Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. , and a couple of events put on by Bucknell's Cap center. This year I have deejayed all of Sig Chi's registers and date parties. I am excited to deejay their house party register. My freshman year Sig chi threw the best parties. Now that I am a senior it feels good knowing that I can provide that same experience for others. There is no other feeling than dropping a track, looking around, and seeing everybody having the time of their life all because of you. That is what keeps me going as a DJ. I have also deejayed for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. starting last year but have done a majority of their events this year.