Django, Unchained? These Beach Boys-styled rockers add a twist to indie rock


Bedroom rocking since 2008, when the band first formed in drummer David MacLean’s London apartment, Django Django did not initially produce a studio album. Instead, they began experimenting with their sound, remaining in London and using MacLean's bedroom as their HQ and studio, producing only 7" record, Storm, containing the band's songs "Storm" and "Skies Over Cairo." Initially, the band really didn't really have plans for their experimental sounds to go anywhere. Fast forward to 2012, and the band is certainly making moves on the music scene. The band released their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album Django Django, an adventurous, fun foray into folk and psychedelic rock taking advantage of their previous years of musical experimentation. The band's sound is now drawing comparisons to the Beach Boys and, of course, they are continuously confused with Quentin Tarantino's award-winning antebellum western Django Unchained. Vocalist Vincent Neff's voice and the accompanying vocal harmonies are strikingly reminiscent of the Beach Boys, but the band has developed their own style, with backing tracks that have a much more unique feel. They combine tambourines, heavy drums, and folk-styled guitar lines paired with electronic synthesizers, providing the band with the Do-It-Yourself feel that has been dubbed “folktronica”. As a whole, their debut album's sound is diverse, drawing on the band's numerous influences. The band's electronic, psychedelic feel has a touch of a Hot Chip to it, but the influence of The Beta Band, pioneers of the British folktronica sound led by David MacLean's brother John MacLean, is quite apparent.

Django Django is quickly becoming a hit, and in 2012, the band was nominated for the Mercury Prize in Great Britain, joining fellow hit indie British group Alt-J and singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka. Though Alt-J ultimately took home the prize, the nomination earned Django a significant amount of publicity. To follow their strong 2012, the band will be making the festival rounds in 2013, set to make appearances at both Bonnaroo and Firefly (check out Paige's article It's Festivus for the Rest of Us). This band is definitely on the rise, so give them a listen and check out the videos below. And if you happen to be attending one of those festivals, well, make sure you go see them live!