Dr. Dre: The Rapper, Producer, and Businessman from Compton


I will be the first to say it.  Dr. Dre is the king of the rap game.  He has dominated the industry for years, but how has he done it?  Dr. Dre continually finds rapper after rapper that is distinct in character, like Eminem, and produces for that rapper albums under Dre’s various associated labels.  That rapper then subsequently “blows up."  It's a consistent pattern. His rapping ability is also something to admire.  Starting out in NWA, repping his Compton crew, Dr. Dre has set himself apart as not only a producer but also a respected rapper having won a Grammy award on his debut album “The Chronic."  Have you ever heard of Eminem, 50 Cent, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Nas, Warren G, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, and Kendrick Lamar?  If you haven’t I’m just going to assume you haven’t listened to rap since the very early '90s.

Dr. Dre has produced for all of these monumental rappers -- some more than others, naturally.  Snoop Dogg owes a lot, if not his entire hip-hop career, to Dr. Dre.  Snoop alone is known by the rap community for doing a lot of live freestyles with few albums.  The catch is, everyone knows Snoop because he is featured on all of Dr. Dre’s albums, including leading the monster hit “Nuttin’ But a ‘G’ Thang”, on The Chronic.  Snoop isn’t the only one, as Eminem is featured in many of Dr. Dre's songs, including the very recognizable “Forgot about Dre.”   (Click links for videos). 

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What's more, Dre has exclusively produced all of Eminem’s albums from the very beginning.  This is a pretty important part of understanding Dre's impact on the artists he works with, especially considering that Eminem has had one of most well-known rags to riches careers starting with the “Slim Shady LP” in 1998.  The new riches are owed to Eminem’s friend from California, Dr. Dre.  If you listen attentively to this album and many others, Eminem is always giving shout-outs to his producer Dr. Dre.  Likewise, Dre frequently features on Eminem’s albums; “Say What You Say” sums up their relationship. 

The list goes on and on, 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”, 2Pac’s “California Love”, and “All Eyez on me."  They've all been produced by Dre.

These are just some of the hits that Dr. Dre has produced over the years.  Lately, though, he has certainly not slowed down.  Kendrick Lamar in 2012 was called the “hottest rapper right now” by MTV.  Dr. Dre was the executive producer of Kendrick’s most recent album “good kid m.A.A.d. city” that blew Kendrick out of this world if his previous album “Section 80” didn’t already.

And what has Dre has done with all of this outrageous wealth that he has created through his rapping, image, and production work?  He started Beats Electronics, Inc., a privately held company of which he is currently CEO.



Beats are no longer just headphones, the Beats speakers are in Android phones and various Chrysler cars.


Today, Dr. Dre is a few years overdue on his announced third and final album named Detox.  Maybe the success of his Beats headphones and Kendrick have been distracting him…

So, if you have dreams to become a rapper, producer, or businessman, you should try to be more like Dre.  I know I'm trying to be.